2011 - ACA Colorado Cross Cup


Last year was the first year for the Colorado Cross Cup (CCC). It replaced the Best Cyclocross Racer and Best Cyclocross Team competition. There was quite a bit of talk the end of last season about potential changes to the CCC for 2011. The changes have just been release and here are a few of the note worthy changes.

Changes for 2011

  • Call-up procedures for non-CCC races will be done by results on crossresults.com
  • Start times have slightly changed from last year.
  • New categories have been added. The big one is the Mens 35+/3s which will start right after the Mens 35 Open.

2011 Colorado Cross Cup Policy

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isn't that always the case no matter the topic? Always room to do better, to be more, and ACA needs to do this, and i admit to have limited knowledge on the political side of this debate, i buy local, traveling look for locally owned places, keep it state "owned" i say

Don't be silly, if ACA were

Don't be silly, if ACA were to become the local association for CO USAC, we could easily dictate that Yvonne become the state rep. She was the state rep before, and it was the refusal to hire her for the new, improved regional rep job so many years ago that led to the formation of ACA as a stand alone organization. At the time, I imagine USAC didn't think BRAC would break away and tried to call our bluff. Now, with the way things are within USAC, if they knew that just offering her the job would bring in hundreds of new license holders and lots of revenue from events, they'd be silly not to meet that one simple demand. No way they'd put CO racing under the TX rep.

no to USAC - mostly

Maybe the turn out is lower on the road; for CX it is exploding though. 150+ riders Sat. and Sun. showing up for each of the cat4 fields and many of the other fields showing good numbers as well. If we followed the USAC categories, we would end up having fields of 300+ or turning away 100's of people that just want to race and really don't care about national ranking and points.

If there was a way to "split" the sanctioning so Cat2,1,Pro was USAC and the rest ACA, that might workout the best, but I have no idea if that is possible.

YES!! 35+3 and all the

YES!! 35+3 and all the other special snowflake masters categories are nothing but a MONEY PRINTING OPERATION for promoters, which is why they won't just freaking die.

If this region were forced to reintegrate with USAC there would have to be a Cat 5 split. This is something the ACA has needed for YEARS. It would greatly reduce the problems now in the Cat 3s where there are too many strong guys with zero bike handling skills, because most of them would then be forced to race for at least another season prior to upgrading to 3.

I vote for more MERIT based breakdowns, and less of these stupid everybody-gets-a-trophy watered-down agegroups that have less than 2% speed differentiation between them, and zero merit basis. Please, for the love of god. This is not triathlon racing.

I'm just curious... if you

I'm just curious... if you were promoting a cross race, would you focus your efforts on the categories that have a few competitors, or on the categories that have lots of competitors (i.e. the 'money printing' categories)?

We're talking grass roots racing, trying to provide an opportunity to compete to as many people as possible, while hopefully not having the promoters go broke in the process. Darn tootin' they're going to run as many masters categories as possible, and I don't blame them at all.

Finally someone speaks the truth

Okay forget the ACA/ USAC, PLEASE go look at the Iron Horse Classic Numbers, a huge event involving area states, total of 31 pros, had to combine the 2/3 to get a whopping 74, you with me?? 35-44 135 racers, 45-54 138 racers, 55-64 127 racers, okay the 65+ men was one short of the pros, got me there! Reading the Durango Herald the promoter stressed it was the masters field that fueled the event. I only included the men's fields, now tell me what would you do if you were a promoter?