New 303Cycling jerseys from Alchemist!

Check out our new awesome 303cycling jerseys designed and crafted by Alchemist of Boulder. These jerseys are a radically different design from years past. Alchemist has also designed our new 303Cycling wool jerseys available now and stylish this fall. Order a 303cycling jersey today and support Colorado cycling news, your connection to the cycling community and beyond!

Download the sizing chart

2011 303Cycling Bibs

Download the sizing chart

- Summer jersey (euro cut) $65 until inventory gets low
- Longsleeve wool jersey $125. WOOL!

Wool jerseys are in stock and summer jerseys arrive in July. Sponsored so you can't wear it? That's cool, we also have 303cycling T-shirts for $15.

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Great idea about the CO flag on the sleeve! I agree with having less black... might be okay on the winter wool jersey, though (works well in the wetter conditions and cold).


What's up with not making X-Large sizes? That is a bummer, I love the shirt and jersey and was going to buy one of each, but you don't make X-Large?! Incredible. Not all riders are 5'6" 135 lbs. I'm 6'4" 220. The Wool Jersey is sweet too, but you say they run small and to get the next size up, well, I usually where XL, so now I can't get a wool jersey either. Hope this will be changed in the future.