2011 USA 24hr Mountain Bike Championships

Photo Credit: Amy Welnak
Josh Tostado, winner of this years 24hr race

From Mountain Flyer Magazine

At twelve noon, racers had a mass start via a Le Mans run across a grassy field to find their bikes and get on with the business of burning laps around Palmer Park. The first racer to complete a lap was Russell Finsterwald riding on the four-man Pro-Cycling team.

While much talk was made of the power house women’s SRAM team consisting of Rebecca Rusch, Jenni Smith, Sanya Looney, and Kelly Boniface, the Pro-Cycling team also had every bit of a stacked power team. Before any other competitors came by, Finsterwald handed of his timing chip to Kallan Beisel who held the same fast pace. Combined with the strength and speed of Brady Kappius and JJ Clark, team Pro-Cycling set the high mark of 23 laps completed in 23:15:42, and in doing so won the four-man team national championship.

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