2010 Leadville 100 Start List

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Entrant List

I think the one thing you have to remember is this is just a list of people who have entered. Will all these people actually start the Leadville 100 is whole other question.

There is speculation that Lance will not even do the race. So maybe this year Lance will sit out and Levi will win. I think the big question is if both riders (i.e. Lance and Levi) race will they work as a team and put pressure on Dave Wiens and Matt Shriver?

Big Names

If you dig into the list there are a lot of great mountain bikers who will be going for the win. Here is a list of who I see as contenders to win the Leadville 100 mountain bike race this year

- Lance
- Dave Weins
- Levi
- Todd Wells
- Jeremiah Bishop
- Matt Shriver
- Ned Overand
- Tinker

Who else?