2010 Koppenberg Status Update

Deja Vu????

Koppenberg has been Postponed to April 3rd!

Koppenberg Circuit, Saturday, April 3rd
UPDATE 3/26/10 1:40pm -
We are postponing the race until next Saturday, April 3rd. Thanks for your patience. The snow did not melt as much as we expected and the impending weather keeps looking worse. We did line up a gravel dump to help our cause but after consulting with our soil experts, it may not have made much of difference if there was still some deep snow.

Next week's weather is much dryer so a much less chance of a mud issue. It's not much more work for us to delay one week, especially if we could avoid a cluster.

Next week, same plan. As we threatened last year, we will go ahead with the race no matter the conditions. Worst case, Sunday's weather looks great, so the 9:45am wave should happen and definitely the 11:40 and later waves will be on.

Here are the expected options ...
A. It will be dry and racing will proceed as normal.
B. Its sloppy but the racing still happens. The expectation is that riders will hike the bike up the right, grassy side and remount on top. So this means it is highly recommended that if it is wet outside, you bring Mountain Bike shoes and pedals. We will investigate footbath options (seriously) on top of the hill in case of mud on the cleats before remounting.

Refunds - If you preregistered for 3/28 and cannot make next Saturday, we will give you a refund.
On race day. if you show up and the hill is unrideable and you decide not to race, you will be eligable for a refund. If you start the race, no refund. If the hill is rideable, no refund. Refunds will be processed after the race (we managed this process very well last year).

Call it what you like, a road race with a potential hike, the longest cyclocross race with the shortest running section. Whatever, but at least we will be racing on a bike.

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Gear Selection

I'm planning on a cross bike with a cx tire on the rear and a road tire on the front if its really muddy. Maybe road tire front and back if it's moderately muddy. If drier conditions prevail its a my road bike with mountain bike shoes and pedals.

Good luck!

New Strategy

How about a 'new strategy' of not putting it on the calendar in the two wettest months in CO? Late May/June through August (last year's ended up being perfect) would greatly decrease the probabilily of having to resched due to weather and therefore increase participation. I know it wont mirror the Euro Spring Classics but should that be the top priority?