Denver had 2.2% bike commuters in 2010

From Denver Urbanism

The American Communities Survey published its commuter mode share estimates for 2010 this morning and the news is great for Denver!

Denver’s bicycle commuter mode share increased to 2.2% in 2010, up from 1.8% in 2009. That’s a 22% increase in one year and is more than 4 times the national average of 0.5%. Since 2005, the percentage of bicycle commuting in Denver has increased by 57.1%, and since 2000 it has increased by 131.6%. Nationally, Denver compares well with other large cities. As shown in the graph below, Denver ranks 6th among the 43 cities with populations over 400,000. Thanks to Andy Duvall, Vice Chair of the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee, for putting this graph together (click to enlarge).

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In Denver's defense, we have

In Denver's defense, we have a pretty cold winter. The city is also spread out. Eh, there's a lot of factors that weigh on this. It would be great to see higher numbers but i think 2.2% is pretty great. I don't think Denver is doing anything to prevent commuting, in fact we have great routes and trails. You can live in the burbs and still get into down town safely by bike.

How did they get these numbers? Just man on the street counting?

The data comes from the

The data comes from the American Community Survey 2010 (Census) and the question asked about "primary mode of transportation" to work. The results are actually an under-count because most people that bike once or twice a week, such as myself, would still answer with car as the primary mode of transport.

I've been very impressed with Denver's bike paths since moving here from Portland. My commute is LoHi>DTC via Cherry Creek bike path and it's remarkably easy to navigate and very safe.


How can it be that Minneapolis didn't make the results of this survey? Doesn't make ANY sense. Even with our bad winters, Minneapolis respectively holds a 3.5% commuter share In 2010, Minneapolis was surveyed to have a 4.3% commuter share. There is a lot of criteria that can affect the results for any community, but I think Minneapolis is due its place in these results.