2010 Boulder Roubaix

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After taking a year off the famous Boulder Roubaix is back this April 11! Heralded as one of the greatest spring classic races in the Front Range matching that of its parent race which it gets its name from in France.

This years course which is currently scheduled for April 11th will run on a course not used in many years adding more length (18.7 miles) which could also mean the possibility of adding more categories. The more common short course (and typical course) has limitations in how many fields can be on course at once but this longer version should avoid such complications.


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The added miles and hills will more than ever before made this a race of endurance. Winners of Roubaix are usually big names or names of folks soon to be big and the 2010 season will not be any different! Who do you think will be the big favorites in 2010? I'm putting my money on Chuck Coyle!

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revising Roubaix tire selection?

So far, folks are recommending 25c tubulars as the premier choice, with 25c clinchers being the poorman's option. They've recently graded some sections of the course which softened it up alot in spots. Given this, what are folks thoughts on running file/minimal tread cross tires on a cross bike to better float over the softer ground?

It is a poor idea. Every

It is a poor idea. Every year guys try it at Kopp and Roubaix and it does not help. If you were to do it, you would want to run full road gearing for the paved parts, especially the tailwind downhills. All the fastest guys just run road bikes.

Apologies for not being

Apologies for not being clear. I was planning to run road gearing so there won't be a difference there. I'm debating between running 25c clinchers at ~95psi vs 32c cross tires at their max pressure, ~65psi. I've done alot of practice laps out there this year, and fine the road bike definitely faster, I'm just questioning the recent grading and the moisture from today causing the course to be softer than my 5-6 practice sessions of the previous month or two.

No worries. I would not

No worries. I would not want you to be out there spun out in a 48/12 killing yourself on the paved downhill’s!

Run the road bike with the 25. I assume the only reason you would run the cross bike is so you can do the wider tires? 65 PSI is going to be a hindrance over 3 hours (or however long your race is) and that is pretty low for how hard pack the dirt roads are and all the pavement. Remember it maybe wet today, but it is supposed to be sunny and warm for the next 3 days.

Don't over think it, that is my advice.