What will it take to win Boulder Roubaix?

This years Boulder Roubaix has a new twist to it, a revised course. More gravel, more turns, more of the unknown. So what will it take to win this year? We asked Beth Fisk, Bill Campie, Dirk Friel and Chuck Coyle for their insight.

Chuck Coyle the 2007 Winner

[303cycling] Given the new course, what should riders be aware of in terms of attacks or leveraging it?

[Chuck] The new course is really, really, hard. The first half of the lap is going to be about positioning, conserving energy and being smart. The 2nd half is going to be about being fit. And every lap this is going to get more important. I see the selections being made right after Crane Hollow Rd or after the Feed Zone Hill....depending a little on wind direction and speed. With the race being 4-laps there is going to be a lot of attrition.....it is only 75 miles but they are all hard miles.

[Chuck] For the other categories if you are only racing 1 or 2 laps you can afford to be a bit more aggressive since the race is shorter. You still only have so many matches to burn so you still have to be smart about when you use them and to make them count!

[303cycling] Who are your picks for 2010?

[Chuck] For the Pro, 1 & 2 guys you are going to have to mark the boys who are coming off of San Dimas and Redlands......you just can not beat stage racing for training. I would say man-to-man defense against the Fly V Australia Boys is the only way to go! It would be hard to bet against Ben Day (or any of the Fly V guys, they are all capable of winning the race) or any of the United Health Care guys Chris Baldwin (he has won Roubaix before), Brad White or Rory Sutherland with Mike Friedman (Jelly Belly) also being super strong. My top three picks for local guys who can still come away with with the 'rock' are Jon Baker (he has won before) and Jorge Espinosa and The Iceman, Scott Moninger (I think that he has won it as well)

Beth Fisk

[303cycling] Given the new course, what should riders be aware of in terms of attacks or leveraging it?

[Beth] Given the new course, what should riders be aware of in terms of attacks or leveraging it? i think attacks will happen right before hitting the dirt sections. some roadies are unsteady, to say the least, on the dirt and the more technically sound women are going to take advantage of this and try to break it up a bit. as always, with dirt road races, it all comes down to attrition and who has the best luck. (i.e. not flatting)

[303cycling] Who are your picks for 2010?

[Beth] Alison Powers, Amy Dombroski, or Sharon Allpress (if they are in town)

Dirk Friel

[303cycling] Given the new course, what should riders be aware of in terms of attacks or leveraging it?

[Dirk] The expanded new BDR-RBX course will make things harder in my opinion since Crane Hollow is a tough little climb, plus you will be doing more climbing with a headwind heading up St Vrain and Nelson roads. Then immediately when you head south off of Nelson you have a few more rollers to sting the legs. Four laps and nearly 80miles will be tough for sure. There is no telling where the break will occur since there are so many obstacles to overcome.

[303cycling] Who are your picks for 2010?

[Dirk] Any pros that show up will be the guys to watch for sure. The fewer pros the more open it becomes. Fly V now has about 5 guys living in Boulder so if a few of those guys show up they will be tough to beat.

Bill Campie

[303cycling] Given the new course, what should riders be aware of in terms of attacks or leveraging it?

First off the new course is amazing. The first time I rode it I was close to physically aroused. It is relatively flat overall, however it is hardly flat anywhere along the course. Tons of short punchy dirt climbs, crit like corners on dirt and the constant challenge of the dirt roads. The race will be decided by a break, much like Ghent-Wevelgem from today. It will split on the short hills, false flats in a cross wind, or the climb up Nelson. The race will split several times in these tough sections.

There is also risk on the northern dirt where the roads are tight, twisty, and wicked fast if you know how to ride. There will be splits just because of the technical abilities of riders will be lacking.

If you can climb, crush it on the flats, or ride your bike like it's on rails-this race has a place for you to take advantage. If you can do all of those things, you are both lucky and likely to do well in this race.

News Item: 


Carnage Alley

The section from St. Vrain Rd. North to Hygiene Rd., will be known as "Carnage Alley".
Loose downhill dirt turns. Expect a lot of Wrecks, Flats & Gaps. After this section, the race will look more like a mountain bike race, then a road race. 50% finishers on the afternoon groups.

Bring Tube & CO2

Saw lots of flats out at Koppenburg today. Nothing like walking a few miles in your road shoes. Not sure why people don't bring a tube and CO2 cartridge along at a dirt road race.
Even if there is one follow per pack at Roubaix, it is going to spread out after the first 1/2 lap. Car could be way behind or far ahead...