2010 Boulder Roubaix

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After taking a year off the famous Boulder Roubaix is back this April 11! Heralded as one of the greatest spring classic races in the Front Range matching that of its parent race which it gets its name from in France.

This years course which is currently scheduled for April 11th will run on a course not used in many years adding more length (18.7 miles) which could also mean the possibility of adding more categories. The more common short course (and typical course) has limitations in how many fields can be on course at once but this longer version should avoid such complications.


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The added miles and hills will more than ever before made this a race of endurance. Winners of Roubaix are usually big names or names of folks soon to be big and the 2010 season will not be any different! Who do you think will be the big favorites in 2010? I'm putting my money on Chuck Coyle!

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The new longer course looks amazing and like it will create a truly wonderful challenge to the racers. These are all regular training roads for me and I can't wait to attack it!!! Bring it on Boulder Roubaix!

A lot more volunteers and

A lot more volunteers and Sheriffs will be needed. 4 Corner race to a 11 corner race. 5 corners will be crossing traffic.

Downhill section on 53rd between St. Vrain and Hygenie Roads will be wild.

What about the Boulder Gran Fondo that is scheduled to run out and back on St. Vrain?
One of the events will not get a permit for the day.

Bike setup

Jon Baker is right on, wider tubulars running slightly lower pressures(around 90 psi) would be the best setup by far. Wheels are the single most important part of the equation so if you don't own tubulars running tubeless tires on your existing clincher wheelset would be a solid second best. 25mm tubeless tires at 90 psi would provide a fast and supple ride, dramatically reducing vibration and lowering rolling resistance and increasing flat resistance over clinchers with tubes.

The only 25mm tubeless tire,

The only 25mm tubeless tire, the Hutchinson Intensive, is actually smaller than the 23mm Specialized S-Works Turbo Tubeless. Even though it's smaller, it's heavier. The Intensive tires are great for training (cost less, last longer) but for race day go w/ the S-Works Turbos.