Boulder Cycling Club Kick-off Meeting

Tomorrow, Feb 17, the Boulder Cycling Club will be having their annual kick off meeting welcoming new comers and setting the stage for 2010. Last year I attended this meeting and I was so amazed at the energy and the size of this club... but should have I been surprised. Boulder is a town that is heavily run by elite athletes or at least those who want to be an elite athelete whereas Boulder Cycling Club are mostly just "Joes" who love to bike, many don't shave their legs, don't do intervals, or even own a sanctioning body's license, they just like to ride their bike and at times do it with other like minded folks. If you love cycling and want to ride with others either you can check out some of the Denver/Boulder Cycling Group Rides or stop by Boulder Cycling's Kick-off Meeting and join them on one of their many weekly rides they do when the weather gets better.

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