Colorado ranks 14th in the Union as Bike Friendly State

Recently the Bicycle Friendly State Program announced it's 2010 Bicycle State Friendly Rankings which overall Colorado received a 14th, that is a DROP from 13th 2009 Bicycle State Friendly Ranking But look deeper into the results and you will see that we ranked...

    Colorado's Details of Bicycle Friendly State Rankings
  • 1st in Legislation (Probably have Bicycle Colorado to thank there!
  • 6th in Education
  • 14th in Infrastructure Whow! What part of the state is pulling us down or do I need to escape the Boulder Bubble?
  • 15th in Enforcement Enforcement of cyclist or non-cyclist?
  • 25th in Policies and Programs
  • 38th in Evaluation Huh?

Check out greater details of each state by seeing The bike friendly map. Click on the state in interest, or check out this pdf which is where the above data was pulled

What do you think? Fair or crack pipe?

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