ACA announces their 2010 racing Calendar - UPDATED

Now that the ACA Senior Awards party is behind us the 2010 ACA Calendar is published. Feb 6 is the first race! Below are some of the highlights of the ACA calendar but remember there are way more cycling events than this calendar shows, be sure to check out the Colorado Cycling Calendar for a complete listing

2010 ACA Calendar Highlights

- Spring time crits are back but not at Stazio (roads closed) so DBCEvents has moved them to Niwot running a figure 8 course.

- Koppenberg returns to spring Don't hold your breath, trying to run the Koppenberg in Springtime has been a huge challenge by the promotor in the past but very sweet if Mother Nature doesn't f it up.

- All the classics are back plus Memorial weekend racing. Boulder Roubaix, Lookout Mtn, City Park, North Boulder and Deer Trail are back but also the Morgul Bismark comes back on Memorial weekend... no more driving to Durango or Iowa for good Memorial weekend racing!

- Front Range Mountain Bike Series We don't have many details but it appears to be running once a month starting in April!! Finally, some Front Range MTB racing! Will this spark the return of MTB racing?

- 217 Days of a racing season Closing off the season season once again on September 11 is copper crit. That is 217 days from the Frostbite TT to this final race!

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Well said!

Ditto! Last time Boulder Roubaix was held I think DBCEvents took a $$ hit... yet everyone talks about how great it is... and it is great... so you can do more to support Roubaix then by just doing the race, support DBCEvents in the spring races series as well... or have your team volunteer at Roubaix!

CSU Oval is still running.

CSU Oval is still running. Have not seen a flyer, but I beleive it is planned for March of this year, and was run last year.

Ft. Morgan..... man that was a great race and the town was exicited to have it as part of their festival. Until the ACA, under Beth, single handedly killed it with putting Beth'e HC on the same date. Really a shame as we lost a good race, with town supprt, and I doubt it is coming back.

Here's to the race organizers!

Definitely fair and appropriate to throw major kudos at those who organize today's races. It's a major league pain in the a** to be a volunteer with a life and try to get permits, sponsors, prize lists, registration, etc. handled. In my over 30 years following/participating in racing I'd agree that the same willingness to "get 'er done" exists today as before. Hats off to the hard working women/men who give their time and energy. And thanks for the reminder.

That said, I still miss some of those old events. It may not be the fault of today's promoters that we can't have them anymore - stricter insurance & liabilty, population growth, lack of subsidized public services, etc. - but I wish we could. And just because we can't doesn't mean we shouldn't remember them and enjoy memories of the past. It might not mean much to a youngster (say, under 30) but digging up memories of the 1982 Cyclocross at Foothills and Araphoe with Andy Hampsten, Roy "The Boy" Knickman, Ron Kiefel and other national stars is just plain fun, especially over a cold beer.