ACA announces their 2010 racing Calendar - UPDATED

Now that the ACA Senior Awards party is behind us the 2010 ACA Calendar is published. Feb 6 is the first race! Below are some of the highlights of the ACA calendar but remember there are way more cycling events than this calendar shows, be sure to check out the Colorado Cycling Calendar for a complete listing

2010 ACA Calendar Highlights

- Spring time crits are back but not at Stazio (roads closed) so DBCEvents has moved them to Niwot running a figure 8 course.

- Koppenberg returns to spring Don't hold your breath, trying to run the Koppenberg in Springtime has been a huge challenge by the promotor in the past but very sweet if Mother Nature doesn't f it up.

- All the classics are back plus Memorial weekend racing. Boulder Roubaix, Lookout Mtn, City Park, North Boulder and Deer Trail are back but also the Morgul Bismark comes back on Memorial weekend... no more driving to Durango or Iowa for good Memorial weekend racing!

- Front Range Mountain Bike Series We don't have many details but it appears to be running once a month starting in April!! Finally, some Front Range MTB racing! Will this spark the return of MTB racing?

- 217 Days of a racing season Closing off the season season once again on September 11 is copper crit. That is 217 days from the Frostbite TT to this final race!

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Good call by by the ACA to

Good call by by the ACA to stop having BAR/BAT races in March. We need a little less in the spring and more in the late summer. 2009 worked out well, with less spring racing and a very full calendar from mid July to Labor Day.

I know your site is pretty new, but lets not go crazy saying all the classics are back. We are misisng plenty of one time great races you guys might not remember like Ft. Collins crit, Hill Crit, Grand Junction race weekend (when it was really good and in August), and the name escapes me, but that really windy RR that used to be in the spring in Laramier county.

Horse tooth rez race?

I think you are thinking of the horse tooth Rez race maybe?

Whow, the hill crit, haven't seen that race in over a decade. As for Grand Junction, isn't that race sometimes ran as a USA Cycling event? So maybe it's still on...

I think the intent of saying the classics are back is that I don't believe we lost any big races from 2009.

It came to me, the Buckey

It came to me, the Buckey RR. That race was a classic, very hard, had been around for every and had history.

I understand what you were saying, I just think using the word classic is way over rated. We have a lot of crap races on the calendar, that come back, but they sure are not Classic's.

The guys from Excel (maybe Ira?) ran the Hill Crit at least once in the 2000's. In the late 1990's Grand Junction was one of the largest races in the state. It had great cash prizes and made the racers feel appreciated. The Crit started mid day on Saturday and the RR was really early on Sunday. So the schedule made ense and you could get out of town by 1 PM on your way home. Over the years they lost some major sponsors (Norwest Bank and Elam Consturction), messed with the schedule and now the race is dead. That race was a classic.

First off, here is my plan

First off, here is my plan this fall in the 35+4s: sandbag
Here is why: We need a 35+ category 3 in cross. As the system currently stands, if you upgrade out of 35+4 you get rewarded with the 35+ Open or the 3s - WITHOUT a call up. Essentially you get your arse handed to you for the remainder of the season. The smart 35+4s either sandbag (you know who I am talking about) or after upgrading quit for the season - maybe do an occasional race. These new 3s really have little chance to get to be a 2.

Solution: start the roughly 10-20 35+3s 30 seconds after the 35+ or 3s and you have about 50 people on the course at most. Racers must then upgrade from 35+3 to 35+ open. Change the name "open" to "masters". For the first year, let those who raced in the 35+, 45+ or 55+ open last year decide if they want to race in the 35+3s. They probably will because they will see an opportunity for category 2.

This is so freakin' logical/easy to implement and manage, I feel like I am missing a key aspect or argument that would kill my plan. Am I?

Wed. Night TT's

Aside from all of the sandbag griping, one thing I did not see on the ACA calendar are the Wed. night TT's from Lyons to Boulder. I love those things. I hope they end up on the calendar as they are a great midweek race.

Do not create a 35+3 category

Congratulations, you are the king of the slowest racing category in the ACA.

You appear to be the quintessential sandbagger. I see your predicament however. If you upgrade to Cat 3, then you'll have to compete against racers who are faster than you. It's weird how the higher racing categories have faster racers, but that's the way it is. Unfortunately, everyone must go through this process.

People new to racing will race cat 4 "open" and "get their arse handed to them". Then, they improve their fitness and technique with time and upgrade to a higher category. Then the process starts again with the arse handing. I think you either quit with the cat 35+/4 crown firmly on your head or race cat 4 "open" and see how you do.

If you can't handle competition, then why are you racing? There is no honor is racing in a category that you do not belong in. Take up another sport if your ego can't handle not finishing in the top 10. We have enough racing categories to try to fit in one day without having to soothe the egos of masters racers.

"Congratulations, you are

"Congratulations, you are the king of the slowest racing category in the ACA."

I trolled with my comment, but elicited the response I was after. Your attacking me is exactly my point - thank you. I think sandbagging is totally lame and the system promotes it the cat 35+4s. To be honest, sadly I'm not fast enough to sandbag in the "slowest" category. I couldn’t sandbag with the clydes (no offense). But, I toe the line regularly and I am not oblivious to perceived sandbaggery going on at the front. We DO need another category but not for me or other 35+4s, but for those who upgrade out of 35+4. These people are in limbo because they are 3s that must race with 1s and 2s or race with 3s sometimes half their age. If you are <35 and upgrade out the 4s you race the <35 3s – this makes sense. I feel like I am repeating myself....I'm not speaking selfishly, I am speaking on behalf of fairness.

Man, I hate when people say "it is what it is" or "you suck, too bad”. These types of arguments bore me to death and I believe are rather lazy. If a problem exists or if just some believe a problem exists then let’s look into it. Especially when the solution HURTS NO ONE. To summarize, I believe a 35+3 category solves or subdues two problems: 1. Sandbaggery in the 35+4s 2. Provides a clear and fair path to 35+ Open.

I am not going to call you a

I am not going to call you a sissy or anything, but I do think some of these new catagories are a joke. Are we going to get to the point where we run 20 catagories every day, each with only 20 riders in each so everyone can say they won somehthing or were top 20? We actually had plenty of 35 Plus cat. 3 races, that were BAR/BAT, that did not get 20 riders. If these guys want a ribbon to take home, why not run one 35 plus open catagory and score it based on either being a 1/2 or a 3? Plenty of 3 placed top 10 in 35 open races.

There is a movement within the ACA to turn this into Ride The Rockies. At some point it is a race. Some guys are faster, some train more, and some are just better. Maybe lose some weight, maybe hire a coach, maybe train wuith a power tap, I do not know. But the responsibilty to do well is on the rider, not the ACA to create more catagories. Why everyone thinks they deserve a special catagory is beyond me (I am not saying you think that, but the guys who want 35 3's or 45 4's). If you are wining 35's 4 races you are a solid rider. You can handle the 3's it is not that bad. Or race 35 open. I saw plenty of guys race 35 open who were 3's, when there was no 35 3's race. Then drop down and basiclaly sand bag the 35's race.

You state it hurts no one, BS! If you run these extra catagories, it takes time away. The cross day is pretty full and it certainlty took time away on road days. City Park ran a 35 3's race and had no 1/2 race (thank you very much). Prospect ran a 35 3's race and had no option for cat. 4's under 35. So please do not say all these extra catagories, designed to make it easier for people, do not have a negative impact.