World Bicycle Relief Roundtable

Greetings to World Bicycle Relief fans in the Boulder area. We are pleased to share that this coming Tuesday, February 23nd, Katie Bolling (Grassroots Development Manager for World Bicycle Relief) will be holidng a coffee roundtable discussion at 8am at The Cup (1521 Pearl Street). Katie will be spending the week in Colorado meeting with volunteers and doing presentations and she added the roundtable to her agenda due to the overwhelming support for World Bicycle Relief in the Boulder community. “As everyone knows, Boulder is passionate about cycling and it’s great to see that passion spill over to our mission. We’re providing bikes to some of the poorest people on the planet so, while Boulder is definitely one of the most cycling-rich areas in the country, it’s very rewarding to have so many people there making it a priority to ensure that people in a need have the opportunity to ride bikes, too. So, when I learned about some speaking engagements that I’d be doing in Colorado, I made sure Boulder was my first stop. Our supporters there are that committed to our organization that I wanted the chance to answer questions, hear ideas and offer my deep thanks.”

If you are in Boulder and want to either learn more about World Bicycle Relief or hear how you can become active in the amazing network of WBR volunteers in Boulder, please join Katie at The Cup. Coffee and bikes – always a winning combination!