Triple Bypass Bike Ride is Full

Here are some Triple Bypass Alternatives!

I had a feeling this was going to happen and thats why we have been reminding our readers about the Triple Bypass registration. Here is a story from the Westword.

Want to ride in this year's Triple Bypass? Well, you likely can't.

Registration for the 120-mile bicycle ride from Evergreen to Avon -- and over three mountain passes -- sold out yesterday in under one hour. That's record time; in 2008, the 3,500 slots were snapped up in eleven days. Last year, it took just 44 hours.

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I am upset at the registration process. I was unable to be at a computer at 12:00 on the dot (when registration opened). I am upset with the whole scalping process and I don't want to fight to pay 2X the ticket price 3-4 weeks before the event.

I too feel cheated. I paid for the team registration with the expectation of getting into the event. It's like I bought a gift card to a store, only to find out that the store was out of merchandise. Very disappointing.

(Team Evergreen, which sponsors the ride) did a horrible job with this. They knew it would go fast and yet they set it up in a way to encourage the scalpers on craigslist. They even moved the date to noon in the middle of a work week to make it particularly difficult for anyone who has to work at that time. They will warn you that riding the route without a wrist band can get you arrested. What garbage.

I am so bummed. We had planned our family trip and already arranged a nanny and travel (from NY) for the event. I was not able to register either. I do hope that the reg process will be reviewed. BTW- these are public roads- anyone can ride the course- right? I will do self-support and ride on the roads that I pay for in my taxes.

sold out in 35 minutes. i'm getting my membership $$ back. this is crap.

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Sold out??? too bad

I don't see how it's the organizers fault if people missed out. There was ample time to plan for registration, and given the popularity in the past these people should have been ready. I'm sorry, but what a bunch of babies. I have found that the exact reg fee was offered on CL the last two years, this is how I got mine last year. I'm sure you will get your memb fee back. Next time get your act together and plan accordingly.

Just go for a ride... Save

Just go for a ride...
Save your money and go for a ride with friends on some quiet roads that day. I can't imagine paying money to ride on I-70 and then on Hwy. 6 over Loveland Pass with all the Trucks. Then doing Vail Bike Pass with 3000 other riders.


I wrote the snotty post above. Evergreen puts on great races and rides and they raise a ton of money for local charities. Any local will agree with me, and criticizing them doesn't sit well with me. I don't think they were expecting it to sell out in 35 minutes, how could they? Leadville gets Lance et al, and of course it needs a lottery. If TE created a lottery for the TBP this year, how much outcry would there have been?

To your point...exactly! Pick a one of the gazillion fantastic and safe rides in CO and do it. Or DIY a different but equally intense route with some buddies.

Missed out on TB

Hey, I too missed out on registration. I had it on my outlook calendar to register as soon as it opened but had a work appointment that I couldn't escape. I went on at 12:45 and it was full. My brother registered right at noon and scored two spots. At first I was hacked off at the process, but once I got over my disappointment I chalk it up to the pros and cons of high-speed internet. It's a new world and that's the way it is--like it or not.

As for the craigslist scalpers, well that's just the way of the capitalist world. Maybe, I'll get to benefit from their ingenuity?

Hope to see you on the road.