2010 Top 10 Bicycle Commuting Cities

The American Community Survey's numbers just came out for bicycle commuting in 2010. Last year, the 2009 number put Boulder No. 1 at 12.3 percent. This year, Boulder dropped to 9.9 percent to No. 2 on the list behind Davis, Calif., at No. 1 with 22.1 percent of its population biking to work. Also in the Front Range the number of people commuting on bikes in Fort Collins dropped from nearly 10 percent in 2009 to about 4.4 percent in 2010.

2010 Top 10 Bicycle Commuting Cities

1) David, Calif. 22.1 percent
2) Boulder 9.9 percent
3) Eugene, Ore. 8.3 percent
4) Berkeley, Calif. 8 percent
5) Cambridge, Mass. 6.8 percent
6) Santa Barbara, Calif. 6.4 percent
7) Madison, Wis. 6 percent
7) Gainesville, Fla. 6 percent
7) Portland, Ore. 6 percent
8) Iowa City, Iowa. 5.6 percent
9) Chico, Fla. 5.5 percent
10) Missoula, Mont. 5.4 percent

How accurate do you think these numbers are? Are there really 9.9% of the Boulder population commuting by bicycle to work? For that matter do you think Davis CA has 22% of its population commuting by bicycle?

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Go Aggies

Yep, I went to UC Davis. There is not much there except the university and all streets on the UCD campus are closed to cars. It's basically a peleton on campus between 10am and 2pm everyday. Actually a really cool way for univesities to function. It's basically inconvenient to use your car unless you are doing something outside of town.