2010 Sunshine Hill Climb Photos and Results

According to the ACA results times where below record times with yesterday's winner coming in with 43:26 and the current record is 41:19 but given the conditions those times are still relatively fast. In your words how did this race play out?
I took these pictures about a mile into the climb. Looks like it was pretty muddy toward the top of the climb.
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2010 Sunshine Hill Climb Results

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Sunshine HC report pro 12

Saturdays Sunshine Hill Climb was another epic sloppy spring day in May. Seems like 3 years in a row we have had cold foggy and somewhat snowy conditions for the race. The race started out with Rio Grande setting the pace at the bottom of the climb with a few solo moves going up the road but gaining no more then a few seconds. Half way up the pavement a solo move went and unfortunately I dont know the guys name but he managed to build up a good sized gap. At the crest before the second paved descent I pulled through the and field sat up. After looking back and seeing the gap I decided to have a go and raised the pace to distance myself from the rest of the field. I knew this type of move would be a gamble as I was still 5 miles from the finish and the winning move had gone much later in the race the past two years. After entering the dirt section I caught the lone leader just after the fire station and shortly after shed him on the first steep turn. From here on I knew it was still a long way to the finish and the soft wet dirt caused my tires to sink in and suck power every pedal stroke. As I climbed up towards the steepest pitches I could see the chase group of Jonathan Baker (Groove Subaru Cycling Team) Corey Collier (Bahati Foundation) and my teammate Matt Cooke (Mountian Khakis/ Jittery Joe's) just a bit further down the road. The air was cold and humid affecting quite a few of the racers breathing including myself. I began to ride into the fog that had settled down on the mountains and visibility was not much more then about 100 feet. With legs and lungs burning I hit the top of the climb and powered across then flat traverse which was a virtual mine field of pot holes mud and standing water. Knowing the finish was just a km away and with my mud soaked chain grinding away I put my head down and powered on cresting the final hill with the line in sight. Less then 25 meters from the line head down doing my best pursuit like effort Jonathan Baker who had bridged a 30 second gap from Collier and Cooke came sprinting by me to take the win by no more then a bike length. So close to the win and my third Sun Shine podium place in three years. Corey Collier finished 3rd and my teammate Matt Cooke ended up 5th. Yet another great Sunshine Hill Climb in the books.