2010 Steamboat Velo Cross Interview

Moots rider last year at the Boulder Reservoir

Hope your training went well in August because cyclocross season is officially here. 303Cycling recently caught up with Glen Light to learn about the season's first race, Steamboat Velo Cross, to be held the second weekend of September. We just got word that there will be $1200 cash purse with payout in all non-junior categories

[303Cycling] Tell us about the venue and why cyclocross in Ski Town U.S.A?
[Glen] The property is called Wildhorse Meadows. It is a mult-phase resort community development in its initial stages of build out. The main lodge, Trailhead, has a gondola that drops skiers and guests off right near the ski resort gondola. The course does a horse-shoe around this building, and it's possible to see most of the race from the decks of many of the rooms. It would be an awesome event for the family - the kids could see you racing from the pool! There is a smooth as glass road through the property, and a lot of great cyclocross topography (cambers, berms, hills, etc.) The only challenge for us has been the bumpy nature of the surface from sporadic grass growth and erosion. The bulk of our labor has been spent addressing this.

Cyclocross in Ski Town U.S.A.? Well, Steamboat is an incredibly active community, and cycling is extremely popular with both the Alpine and Nordic skiing crowd. Many of the local mtb series racers are former national and even world caliber skiers, and we would certainly like to capture that interest both as racers and spectators coming to see them race. It really boils down to a few of us in town who have such a passion for the sport we spend 6 hours on the road 10-20 times during the fall to go down to the front range and race. I think between me, Jon Cariveau, Corey Piscopo, and Matty Pronovost, we probably have over 55 years of cross racing between us, and that experience has gone into developing the course. Jon Cariveau and I, who both started racing cross in the early 90's, have talked about having a race in Steamboat for years. When Corey Piscopo made the Steamboat Stage Race happen, and subsequently Steamboat Velo, it created a real opportunity with sponsorship and resources that wasn't there before.

[303Cycling] Is this the first cyclocross race you have promoted?
[Glen] This is the first event where I have been the lead on. I was able to help a lot and be pretty involved with the State Championships that Keith Novello and Red Rocks Cyclery put on at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds about 10 years ago.

[303Cycling] I noticed that the race schedule doesn't have the usual early morning start and you also added an event on Sunday that looks very interesting. What was your thinking?
[Glen] Regarding the schedule, realistically we're not expecting huge Boulder attendance, so we wanted to combine a couple of the smaller groups. At the same time, the later start will give people plenty of time to pack the car and make the drive up. Obviously it would be awesome if people stayed over, but it ends early enough too that you won't be rolling back onto the front range too late. The Sunday event is more of a local's ride, not sanctioned or anything, just an invite to a local's ride from Moots. Classic dirt loop with amazing views, fun roads and hills, and almost no traffic, and is perfect terrain for cross training with short punch hills. It's about a 2.5 hour loop, and I rarely see more than 5 or 10 cars in that time.

[303Cycling] Anything else you want to add?
[Glen] Only thing to add would be to encourage rider's to come up and enjoy the event and town! If we can get reasonable attendance we have the opportunity to really work on and grow this venue into probably one of the best events around (biased, I know).

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