2010 Scott Kornfield Classic - Report

Yesterday was the Scott Kornfield Classic in Louisville. We were out there for a few of the afternoon races and got some great pictures. The numbers in the mens 3 race and the mens pro-1-2 field looked good considering the Mount Evans hill climb the day before had huge numbers.

If you have any photos or video that you would like to share please contact us and we will post a link.



News Item: 


great race

359 finishers vs. 337 last year

this alone should be enough for this race to earn State Championships for all categories next year. I would like to start lobbying for more (yes even office park) crits greater than 1k. When I got home results (unofficial) were already in my email (personally, I know how bad I suck, but many really enjoy this type of service). Simple, safe, inexpensive, adequate size for large fields, great recipe going here.