Rock the River - Wester Slope Omnium

This event is otherwise known as the Western Slope Omnium or the Rocky Mountain Omnium. This is three days of racing:

The Leg Breaker Time Trial
Rock the River
The Glenwood Criterium




Carpool to Rock the River RR on Sunday

Looking to carpool from Boulder for the Rock the River RR on Sunday, June 13.
Leave Boulder Sunday morning around 7:15~7:30 am to get to Dotsero around 10:00~10:30ish. Plenty of time to get number and warm-up.
Come back immediately after that race. (Get food in Eagle or Vail)
I'm racing the Men 3s. Afternoon groups are Men 1-2s, 3s, 35+ & 45+.
I have a mini-van and can take 3 additional people and bikes.
Shoot me an email if interested -


Has anyone else had problems with the mad sync registration program for this race and others? Just wondering if it is my computer or something about the madsync program...

Working Fine for Me

Just registered for Rock the River RR without any problems. IE 8 on an old PC.
What issues are you having? Have you emailed Keith at MadSync?

I was having problems on

I was having problems on this one too. I have registered fine for all other races with Madsync but had problems logging in. I ended up having to make a new profile and it worked fine.

Emai us with issues

Every once in a while we someone will forget their password and/or username. If you just forgot your password, there is a “forgot my password” link on the login page which allows you to reset it with an email.. If you forgot your username, it is best to contact us so we can look you up in our system. It is best that you only have one account so your registration history is complete.
If you do end up creating 2 accounts no big deal, your previous races will be split across 2 user names.

If you are having any other issues with any MadSync registration site, please feel free to email me and I’ll make sure to get you going again.

Thanks Alan

I used MaySync for the City Park Criterium and had no problems. Once the online registration was closed I did have a problem looking at registered participants and printing my invoice. Thanks for providing online registration!