2010 Race Across the Sky Premiere - An Event to Remember

Photo Credit: 303Photo

Last Thursday evening 303Cycling headed to Denver's Paramount Theater for the premiere of Citizen Picture's Race Across The Sky - 2010 Leadville Trail 100. Several cycling celebrities were in attendance including, Allen Lim, Davis and Taylor Phinney and Heather Irmiger to name a few.

The event started with a panel discussion, led by Dave Towle and featuring Bahram Akradi, Levi Leipheimer, Dave Weins, Rebecca Rush, Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and Erik Weihenmayer. Bakram is the CEO of Lifetime Fitness and the new keeper of the Leadville races vowed to maintain the spirit of the Trail 100. Levi said that at times he "cursed the man that got him into it" and Dave Weins felt motivated by the stories from the evening probably as much as he has motivated others. Rebecca didn't need to say anything as Dave Towle announced that she broke the long standing women's course record from 1997 and beat John Stamstad's 1994 time. JHK humbly let the crowd know he wants to see his name on the winner's list. And Erik's humor and accomplishment of the only blind person to summit Everest was both disarming and motivating.

Photo Credit: 303Photo

The collective experience of these champions and adventurers couldn't really prepare a person for the real star of the event - the film that was beautiful in and of itself and told an amazing and moving story of the human condition. The film crew was able to capture the beauty, not only of the day and the landscape but of the participants from champion to non finisher. It told the tale we never really hear - overcoming adversity, succumbing to pain but always The Race and the its experiences bringing meaning to people's lives. We were inspired, as racers, by the Tour de France podium winner and the a man chasing him down. And in the next frame equally if not more moved by a woman with MS or the men racing for their friend with a terminal illness.

The evening ended much as it started with the panel discussion. The humility expressed before the film somehow seemed to hold more weight. The champions shared their experience and the film makers told the story for everyone else: when it comes right down to it the Leadville Trail 100 is the same accomplishment for all. There is an encore performance tomorrow night Nov 9th. Go see it and prepare to be inspired for your racing and maybe more importantly for your life.

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