2010 Race Across the Sky Encore

NCM Fathom, Life Time Fitness and Citizen Pictures take you back to Leadville a sleepy Colorado mountain town for one of the most extreme competitions that athletes aspire to endure, the Leadville Trail 100. Set in the altitude of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, this year, "Race Across the Sky 2010" delves into the resulting race entry boom, including record numbers of citizen riders, along with those aspiring Leadmen and Leadwomen who go beyond this one-day cycling event to conquer merciless running races during their ambitious five-day race endeavor. Each entrant brings their own personal reasons for challenging themselves to this epic test of will, strength and endurance. Joined by the toughest elite field this high-altitude century mountain bike race has ever seen, these riders are tested by one of the most brutal courses known to the sport. From the center of the little mining town of Leadville, Colorado, to the 12,570-foot top of Columbine Mine, get ready to be inspired all over again.

The event will be LIVE November 4 with a panel discussion featuring key participating athletes Levi Leipheimer, JHK Rebecca Rusch, and more and then the documentary Race Across the Sky 2010 – all beginning at 8:30PM ET / 7:30PM CT / 6:30PM MT / 8:30 PM PT (tape delayed). An encore presentation will show November 9 at 7:30 pm (local time).

Tickets are on sale now! Visit www.FathomEvents.com

*The November 4 show will be rebroadcast IN SELECT THEATRES on November 9 as an encore performance.

Talent Subject to Change

Race Across The Sky 2010 from Citizen Pictures on Vimeo.