Primal Classic Criterium - Report



We decided to head down to the Primal Classic Criterium today and there is one word to describe the day HOT. Our car thermometer read 98 when we pulled into the parking lot and 101 when we left. We were there for three races (Mens 35+ 3s/4s, Mens Pro-1-2 and Womens 1-2-3).

We were impressed by both the crowd and the number of preems present at the Primal Classic. The break aways were also impressive with two riders leaping off the front in the first couple laps of the Men's Pro-1-2. More than the peloton drawing the leaders back in, more and more riders ventured out to bridge the gap. It made for an exciting race.

The heat was getting to us and we only caught a few laps of the Women's -1-2-3 but the same strategy was being applied with one rider well off the front early.

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