2010 North Boulder Park Criterium

36th Edition of the North Boulder Park Criterium

The North Boulder Park Criterium is a Colorado classic bike race given its history and prime location being in the center of the cycling crazed Boulder Colorado! This year's race has limited information on the details at this moment, please return soon.

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North Boulder Park Classis : New Organisers this Year

New organisers this year are bringing over $7000 in Prize Money; title sponsors Subaru. Each race supported by local companies and offering awesome primes. Beer tent, food vendors, Expo area, kids area, althlete support ..........check us out on Facebook , North Boulder Park Classic, sponsored by Subaru. On Twitter, nboulderpclassic. Bring the whole family. Registration opens soon, check back for details.


CYCLISTS : This year will be highest ever PRIZE MONEY. Awesome PRIMES in EVERY race.

FREE post-race massage sponsored by TRI-MASSAGE
FREE nutrition drink


Thanks to our title sponsor; FLATIRONS SUBARU

Thanks to all our race sponsors : Quick Left, The Cup, Insight Designs, Pros Closet,
Berg, Hill, Greenleaf & Ruscitti LLP, Zeal Optics, Bernies Heating & PlumbinG.

Thanks to our athlete supporters ; TRI-MASSAGE, BREEZE BARS, INDIAN PEAKS SPRING WATER

north boulder criterium

I live at 9th and Alpine in Boulder and signed a petition supporting the North Boulder Criterium recently. I offered to volunteer my time on race day but haven't heard back from anyone.
My e-mail is bodahchristiansen@gmail.com
please let me know if you need any help with organizing or on the course for race day.


Looking at the categories offered, I guess the race is not going to be BAR/BAT. Bummer was looking forward to racing it.

*Note - Put all the prize money in the Pro-1-2, 3s. Just medals for the Masters. If they need the money, they should race the Pro-1-2s.

Still listed as BAR/BAT

First, it's still listed on the ACA page as a BAR/BAT race. However, would you really not do a great race just because it wasn't a BAR/BAT race? I'm guessing your category must not be listed on the flyer. Racing sure has changed in the last 20 years. I can remember when riders would cat up as soon as possible just to ride in a harder category--today we have riders demanding their own categories so they can be competitive. Not saying it's better or worse, just different.

Entertaining to Watch

If they didn't pull riders, it wouldn't be a big deal. But you have to pull riders for the safety of everybody. Not a course for those not in 100% crit shape.
Did that race once, half the field was pulled in the first 20 minutes. Great course, but not worth $36 for 20 minutes. The alleyway and telephone pole strings out the pack really quickly.
I'll be out with a beer watching. Very entertaining.

It Is Worse

Let be honest, it is worse now a days. In the old days guys manned up and wanted to move up as soon as possible. Way too many guys now want to sand bag for as long as they can and will actually race less to "manage" their points. Just sad. Now we have created 28 different categories just so everyone can be “top 20” and then if you do not run every category, people will not show up. Racing is becoming more and more like a competitive Ride The Rockies.

Gone are the days of doing a great race because it was great. Too many guys can find too many reason not to do a race (it is not BAR/BAT, they are not offering the 45 to 49 category for cat 3’s with names staring with A to K, etc……………). NPB is a great course, I will be there. Do I have a shot at winning? No way, but that isn’t going to stop me from racing. If you don’t want to get dropped, ride at the front. Wow, there is a crazy idea.


Go out there and race! Re-live your "Good Old Days"! Always openings in the Pro-1-2 field. They need a lot more racers like you that want to turn PRO!

Demographics have changed in the last 20 years. Lots more Masters coming into the sport at age 30, 40, 50 and 60. They have jobs, family and aren't thinking of going pro. They want to race and actually be part of the race.
Look at results from the spring. At the Biggest Races, biggest groups are 35+ 4s, 45+ 4s and 55+. Crit numbers have been small. I wonder why?
Look at the upgrade points. All that are over 25 points are moved up automatically from 4s to 3s. I don't know anybody that manages their points.
I know a lot of 1-2s that race the 35+ and 45+ but don't want to "man up" against the young 1-2s anymore. Would you call these racers the Sandbaggers?

I love replies like this,

I love replies like this, that really have little to do with what I said. I was smart enough to know long ago I am not that good, nor was it somehting I wanted (I sort of like my career). But thanks for putting words in my mouth that I want to be a PRO! So PRO of you.

Personally I love to race and do as many events as I can, I think I have raced 11 times this year. That is sort of my point, the current crop of riders only want to race when they offer just the right category for them, when it is BAR/BAT, or if the course is just right for them (as the guys said the alley way at NBP was too hard). Heck if it is a good race, then just go out there and race. I am over 185 pounds and I was doing the RR last weekend, not because I thought I could even stay with the pack, but because racing is fun and that is a good race. I enjoyed the race and was happy to get my large rear end kicked.

As for the 35's I agree with you, a lot of those guys should race pro/1/2, especially the always top 5 guys. Like I said I think the mentality of the sport has changed over the last 10 years. People do not want to be challenged as much, they want easier categories, with smaller field, and so many of today racers only race a few events that just suit them. It is s shame. I think nearly 50% of the ACA membership races 2 or fewer times/year.