Nederland HalfAss 100

This year's HalfAss is ONE BIG LOOP crossing the divide in our backyard twice with two additional high altitude passes. At 110mi, with an 80mi option, it will take you all day, but there are services in Empire and in WP if you opt for the additional 20 miles of single track near Fraser. >Ned to Empire to WinterPark to Fraser to Ned!!!< Don't worry though, at 20k' of climbing quite a bit of that is dirt road and even pavement (over Berthoud Pass) so there isn't much hiking at all. Being so long with so much elevation gain we also made navigating the route a lot simpler than it could have been ... everything is on the map!

Come come now, don't let those digits scar you, 10k in a day is for those sissy roadies who have masseuse, meals, and of all things 'victory signs' at the ready. There is much dirt road in this one and pavement too... most single track is in the downward direction!

See you at 5:30a.m. [6:00 start] Saturday Aug 29th at Happy Trails in Ned (it may no longer be the train but it is still the home of the Nedhead Dirt Club). We'll end at the 'piggy place' for beer (the BBQ joint).

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