2010 Longmont Criterium Report

Yesterday was the Colorado criterium state championships in Longmont. The classic 6 corner Longmont Criterium course in its 24th year was the venue. The Pro-1-2 field was huge with probably over 100 riders toeing the line. The conditions were very difficult with raining coming down off and on through out the race.

Race Results


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You are talking about the

You are talking about the one right around 6 laps to go right? I was slightly behind and to the right of the start of the wreck and didn't see that. Looked like something happened over that manhole cover and some just went down. The real carnage was when guys started flying into those already on the ground. I can't say difinativly no but I think I would have seen that.


I was the one on the ground after the carnage. Basically saw the guys to my left go down. There were 2 guys in front of me. They parted and once they did that there was a rider on the ground. I had no time to react and hit him directly. I flew over my bars and landed on my head. Spent 4 hrs in the ER. Some minor stitches and headache but considering the crash, I am not broken. My bike on the other hand is destroyed. Severed my fork right off and buckled my frame. If indeed this started from a hand sling manuever, I would love to know who.


Is it true that our very own Jon Tarkington has been suspended due to the infamous "handsling" of Longmont 2010?? I would think that it takes two!! Maybe they will help with the cost of medical and product loss incurred by Todd R.!! (at least they should pony up some $$)

Longmont Criterium Crash

I did not see that crash but I saw the crash that happened with about 5 laps to go. I happened between turn 1 and turn 2 and was BAD! Not sure what happened because it happened so fast but when it was all said and done there were about 5 guys on the ground and one guy was not moving. The Paramedics came and the guy finally got up but he was banged up and his bike was in a couple pieces. Chuck Coyles front wheel was tacoed and Jon T. forehead had a little bit of blood running down it.