2010 Longmont Criterium Report

Yesterday was the Colorado criterium state championships in Longmont. The classic 6 corner Longmont Criterium course in its 24th year was the venue. The Pro-1-2 field was huge with probably over 100 riders toeing the line. The conditions were very difficult with raining coming down off and on through out the race.

Race Results


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low numbers

2010 race summary http://www.americancycling.org/results/road?year=2010&eventId=500&result...

2009 race summary http://www.americancycling.org/results/road?year=2009&eventId=340&result...

200 fewer "starters" this year.

Any constructive ideas on how to increase numbers?
I'll admit (not blaming anyone but myself) I skipped Longmont for the first time in years. The economy really caught up with my family this year and I was bummed not to have the option to race 35+ open.

Interesting Data

I believe in years past the Longmont Criterium has been the day after the Mt. Evans hill climb so the majority of riders that are not climbers would do Longmont. This year, the North Boulder Park Criterium was the day before so if you are tight on money you have to choose one over the other.

Well I just verified the numbers and I am wrong. In 2009 North Boulder Park had 491 starters and in 2010 there were 361! This is really interesting. Are race numbers down across the board?

Not The Day After Evans

I do not remember Longmont ever being the day after Mt. Evans.

I do think you make a good point about it being the same weekend as North Boulder Park. Those are 2 great, old school crits, so maybe there is some competition by having them both on the same weekend? Perosnlaly I raced both days as they are great races and I wanted to support them.

Crit numbers have been down all year.

Crit numbers have been down all year.
I don't think Longmont Crit has been after Mt. Evans for a number of years. Usually the 2nd weekend of July.

Same group of riders racing crits year after year??? Not many new Masters are doing crits so over time numbers are going down. Look at 35+, 45+ same guys that been placing top 20 year after year.

Spring Road Races had good to great numbers. TTs & HCs seem about the same.

Crit low numbers, maybe...
Less new racers interested in crits? We are an aging group.
Cost to high for a 40 to 60 minute race? $30 to $36 for less then an hour of racing.
Short course crits turning away racers that don't want to get pulled? Niwot, NBP, Vics, etc... Get pulled at a few races and riders will stay away.
Other activities. Mountain Biking - Winter Park MTB series - Largest group is 35 to 44 - Sport (Cat. 2) racers.
Attitude, some how we have to welcome new riders to racing crits. A lot of Elite only Masters Teams around. Need to take in new beginner racers.

Race Data

Did a little bit of research on the ACA's website. I looked at a variety of races and got number of starters for the last three years. Not sure what this tells us but here is the data:

North Boulder Park Criterium
2010 - 361
2009 - 491
2008 - 389

Longmont Criterium
2010 - 407
2009 - 600
2008 - 554

City Park Criterium
2010 - 433
2009 - 324
2008 - 362

Lookout Mountain Hill Climb
2010 - 686
2009 - 539
2008 - 514

Sunshine Hill Climb
2010 - 283
2009 - 411
2008 - 317

Deer Trail
2010 - 639
2009 - 577
2008 - 633

Hard to compare NBP from 09

Hard to compare NBP from 09 to 10. Spring weather sucked in 09, NBP was the 1st big time crit of 2009, it was BAR/BAT, so lots of demand. It would make sense that numbers are down with a new July date, and no BAR/BAT, and the state crit the next day.

Longmont take a deeper look at the #'s. Pro/1/2, 3's, and 4's actually had the same #'s as 09. The issue has to be the other catagories and the choices on which races the promoer ran.

Not having a 35 Plus open race was a mistake. It was a very large field in 09 and was gone for 10. The 3 masters races that were offered averaged about 34 riders (35 plus 4, 45 plus, and 45 plus 4). I would think going with 35 open, 35 4's, and 45's would have gotten them better numbers. That last issue is an ACA issue. They want to run more catagories, all with smaller fields.