2010 Laramie Enduro

2010 Laramie Enduro Update

Posted on June 29, 2010 by laramieenduro

Greetings All,
This is just a very brief update of the LE permitting, etc. First, we still do not have the USFS permit. That said, it boils down to which option will be approved for rerouting a small portion of the course. Based on my meeting with the District Ranger and Recreation Planner today, they were waiting for one more comment from the Fisheries Biologist to make a final course recommendation. We have been promised the agreement and plan of operations will be completed and ready to be signed this week.
The Laramie Enduro will occur on July 31st. In the case of a large fire or other natural disaster, we may have to cancel, but that is always a possibility. We will begin depositing checks this week, but limit the number until we absolutely have the signed deal in hand.
More info will be coming your way, once everything is finalized.
- Rich Vincent, Race Director

Update June 8th Race info/pre-ride and more

Situated in the Laramie Range of Southeastern Wyoming, this course covers some of the best mountain bike track in the region. The course is a fast and extremely fun loop, covering no ground twice. It includes virtually every kind of trail and surface a mountain biker is likely to encounter in the Rockies, from wildlife trails to single track to dirt roads. It is equally well suited for geared bikes and single speeds.

The course is a challenging 70+ miles which climbs over 8,600 vertical feet, all at elevations over 7,500 feet. You’ll race over high grass plains, through serene aspen and pine forests, and through the renowned rock-climbing venue of the Vedauwoo (pronounced Veda-Voo) Recreation Area. This event is not for the casual rider. You can finish this race, but don’t take it lightly.

As an experienced rider, you’ll know to plan your fueling carefully. Bring what you need and pack out what you bring. Leave no trace. We’ll have at least five aid stations strategically placed along the course with plenty of fuel to supplement your supplies.

Once you’ve crossed the finish line, we’ll be waiting with your results, hot food, plenty to drink, wonderful massages, and music. Some of the regions finest restaurants will chip in scrumptious complimentary cuisine and complimentary microbrews will be available from regional brewers.

Mother Nature brings it all to the high plains of southern Wyoming. It’s likely to be warmer or colder than you expected. Bring sunscreen. Bring a coat. Bring your “A” game. Leave tired with a smile.

Race proceeds benefit the Albany County Chapter of the American Red Cross of Wyoming, Medicine Bow Mountain Bike Patrol, and other local non-profit organizations.

Laramie Enduro Registration – Thursday, April 1st
We are accepting 400 racers this season and first come/first serve registration will be held online at www.laramieenduro.org starting Thursday, April 1st. We will send a reminder email prior to registration. All registration fees are non-refundable. So that we are able to maximize the donations we give each year to the American Red Cross and other organizations, we have a new registration system that allows you to register online, but payment must be sent by check – details will be posted on the registration site. Early registration will close on April 30th. Late registration fees of $80 will apply to anyone registering thereafter.

Laramie Enduro Race – Saturday, July 31st
The 2010 Laramie Enduro race date is Saturday July 31st. We are still waiting to hear about our USFS permit which was submitted in early November after meeting in mid-October. While the permit and process, including possible restrictions, is uncertain, we’re confident there will be a 2010 version of the Laramie Enduro - this is the reason for delayed registration.

The 2010 pre-race course inspection is schedule for Saturday and Sunday, June 12th & 13th - site conditions pending. It's a great day in the saddle with friends and can include interesting course conditions. In the past two years, it's been quite wet. Surprises can include downed trees, mud and water crossings. More details to come in a future newsletter.

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Enduro is a go

All permits approved.

Here is my Chief Referee's note

1. Rich has done a great job of informing all racers of the dangers inherent on this course. Make sure you read what he has written online at http://laramieenduro.org/general-info/
2. Another important consideration is the large number of beetle kill trees in forested sections of the course. Be forewarned that high winds are always a possibility and large branches and even entire trees may fall across the course or even ON a racer. Large numbers of dead trees also constitute a fire hazard. If the winds are very high and falling debris or fire become an issue, the promoter and I will stop the race and you will be directed to return to the finish by the safest route.
3. Same is true if there are thunderstorms accompanied by extensive lightning.
1. This is a USAC sanctioned race. Racers should familiarize themselves with the rules which can be found online at http://www.usacycling.org/news/user/story.php?id=4220 in chapters 1 and 6.
2. Particular attention will paid to safe racing.
a. Helmets must be worn and securely fastened at all times when riding on or near the course. This means warming up (unless on a trainer), riding to or from your vehicle and at all other times until the awards ceremony is finished. Penalty = disqualification at discretion of Chief Referee.
b. Unsafe racing will be penalized. No wheelies, no accepting alcohol from spectators etc when crossing the finish line will be tolerated. Penalty = disqualification at discretion of Chief Referee.
3. Sign in will be required. It is the only way we can determine who is out on the course. Failure to sign in will result in a 30 second penalty. Signing in for another racer will result in disqualification.
4. Do not cross the finish line on your bicycle except when finishing the race. Multiple crossings make scoring the race very difficult. If you feel you must have your bike with you when going to/from the awards area, get off and walk it across the finish line. Multiple crossings in either direction by any individual will result in 30 second penalty.

Kim Viner USAC Chief Referee