2010 Koppenberg Circuit Race

Greg Keller of Mudandcowbells.com is encouraging fellow
riders to finish the berg. More photos on 303cycling.com

This year's edition of the Colorado Koppenberg only took 2 tries to pull off and this years version was epic! Yesterdays epic conditions came from the wind with speeds measured at 50mph a little after 10am!. Having raced in those conditions at the Koppenberg before I know how frustrating it can be as a racer when dealt with such evil conditions. By the time the men's pro wave went off the wind had died down considerably but still a major factor in the race. First race report comes from Cari Higgins

2010 Koppenberg Results

Men's pro field

  • Jason Donald
  • Alex Dowsett
  • Brad White

Woman's field

  • Alison Powers
  • Anne Samplonius
  • Cari Higgins

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ACA Forum - Koppenburg Status Post Deleted?

ACA Forum - Koppenburg Status Post Deleted?
I wonder why it was deleted from the ACA forum. Very legitimate question if the race is going to run or not, after all the snow we got and Saturday's forecast........

???Why doesn't info get passed via the ACA Forum?

Koppenburg Conditions

I rode the hill twice yesterday. I have no technical skills, and don't own a mountain bike, so if I can ride it, most folks can. There are two lines, I rode each once. However, if you get knocked off the line, or just flub it you will be walking in some big ruts. I think the hardest part will be the entrance to the hill with the right hand turn. Good luck to those racing.

Koppenberg 45+ Rod Yoder

AWESOME. Thanks for sharing. Do you have more footage? This is great footage Rod and I really appreciate you posting it. This is one of my favorite races. I've raced it several times... what an awesome point of view.

What would be cool is if several rider's had HC cam's as well than you could edit several points of views... If you ever need assistance with editing I'd be willing to help... I have Final cut pro... I film races as well here is a link to some of them... didn't spend much time editing on them... hope you enjoy...


Thanks Richard! Glad you

Thanks Richard! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I've got a lot more footage, but after the break formed it was pretty routine footage of 5 then 4 guys swapping pulls. Nothing too exciting.

I just use Movie Maker for editing (I'm sure you can tell) so it' pretty basic. I just try to throw something together and get it online quickly.

If you want to edit some footage, I've got tons of stuff from last years 'cross season and a few crits also that you can use.