Frostbite Time Trial



Race report

Friggin windy! I have been riding 20 years and I have no idea how some people ran a disk in that crap. Great course without it being in the middle of an EF5 tornado.

my understanding is that

my understanding is that contrary to myth, rear discs arent really much of a handling issue in crosswind.

much more of an issue is the lateral profile of your front wheel.

i got spooked by the wind and ran a run of the mill ea70 rear with my trispoke front and it felt every bit as sketchy as i've felt in bad crosswind with the trispoke and disc. the front wheel profile has a much bigger impact due to its ability to change your line.

if i had i t to do over, i'd probably have ran my disc rear and tri front but widened my aerobars considerably.


wasn't sure which was working harder, my legs, or my upper body trying to keep the bike upright, and avoid being swept away to Kansa. Seriously the hardest thing I have ever BATTLED on a BIKE.