Front Range MTB Series Cancelled on 5/2

From the ACA:

Front Range MTB Series Cancelled on 5/2

Fri, 2010-04-30
Due to the recent and forecast inclement weather as well as an already saturated course, the Front Range MTB series has been cancelled for 5/2 in an effort to preserve the venue from environmental damage.

From the race promoter:

Bad news, we have to cancel tomorrow's FRMTB Series race at the Louisville Rec Center on account of soggy turf. I went out there yesterday to give it a look, stomping around in all the key sections of the course, and it just would not hold up to the abuse from a day of racing. Even with the sunshine we're having this morning, the dirt there (and it truly is dirt-dirt, and not the sandy dirt we're used to) just won't shed the water as fast as we'd need it to. Part of the issue is that the course was slatted to use all new trails which we were going to mow today, leaving a very short and fast grass for the race - but with soft mud/dirt underneath, the pressure of 200 riders lapping on that cut grass would just tear the grass+roots right out of the ground. And Louisville made it very clear they don't want us burning in new permanent trails (which we'd essentially do if racing on mud).

Drag, I know. But we don't want to shred their backyard. They've been really cool by agreeing to host a couple of the FRMTB Series races, so we want to respect their wishes and take care of the land as best we can.

The next race is May 23rd, 3 weeks away, and it'll make for a great tune-up prior to the Teva Games and the first of the Winter Park series. We'll keep you posted via Facebook, Twitter, and our homepage as to news for that race as it gets closer. Now go enjoy the sunshine while it's out.


Dont worry there are more Front Range Mountain Bike races to come:

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