2010 Frisco Cyclocross - Report

Frisco Cyclocross Results

- Results Saturday
- Results Sunday

Saturday Race Report
Rod Yoder sent us these videos of yesterday cyclocross race in Frisco.

Sunday's Race Report From Allen Krugoff, Hardcastle Photography

Sunday's course might have been cooler in temperature, but the heat was on with an unrelenting course design. No rest on this long loop with a 1 minute (or of course longer) climb, cross-hill on thick bark chips and a fast, windy descent into a twisty gravel stretch. From there, riders flew across more bark chipped singletrack, as this area had been previously logged for beetle kill and bark chips are now in peak supply. Back towards the announcer and start area with lincoln-log barriers and a deep gravel stretch which lead into more bark chip singletrack (noticing a trend?) and into a grass infield area to complete the lap.

A partly cloudy day in summit county saw a solid turnout in all categories and the long laps helped to break up the groups. The open men's race was dominated by Jake Wells of Hudz Subaru who took off early on. The top 3 into the first corner was Jake Wells, Matt Pacocha and Sean Harshman. Matt Pacocha was in 2nd for the first two laps of the race when he flatted and was passed by Allen Krughoff (Boulder Cycle Sport) during his bike change. Krughoff came up from a slow start but didn't have enough to close the gap to Wells which eventually grew to 70 seconds. The gap between Pacocha and Krughoff held at approximately 15-20 seconds for the remainder of the race with Wells taking the win followed by Krughoff and Pacocha.

Open Men
1. Jake Wells
2. Allen Krughoff
3. Matt Pacocha
4. Bryan Mickiewicz
5. Dean Haas

Open Women
1. Nicole Duke
2. Lisa Strong
3. Lisa Hudson
4. Jane Finsterwald
5. Kristal Boni

Photo Credit:Mountain Moon Photography

Additional Videos & Photos from Frisco


Part II of the video from Saturday

2010 Frisco CX 35+ (part 2) from Rod Yoder on Vimeo.

More Videos from Dale Riley

Frisco CX #1 - SM35+ Cat 4 Start from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

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