2010 Frisco Cyclocross - Updated Information

We received this information from the promoters of the Frisco Cyclocross races happening this weekend.

  • The course is great, some new paved sections have been added, and we'll use more of the infield area for spectators too.
  • Due to all the construction, the old Nordic center entrance off of Hwy 9 is no longer in use. This doesn't affect the venue, except for our car traffic.
  • Continue past the old entrance to the traffic light at the top of the hill, turn left into the "forest service" entrance. From there, we should have signage or instructions on where to park.
  • Racers and teams with tent set ups who plan on making a day of it (and you
    should) are encouraged to get there early so they can park down below by the ball fields and set up. Beer is available to racers for FREE.
  • Parking is limited down below so if you are able bodied, park up high, off of Crown Point road or east of the entrance road on the dirt to keep traffic hassle to a minimum.
  • Overflow parking is also available if you turn Right into the County Commons. Then you just need to cross the road to get to the venue. Look both ways. Please Carpool if at all possible to minimize the potential for parking and traffic hassles. Locals should ride your bikes!
  • Registration will be at or near the Organic Mechanic Trailer along with the officials table and Start/Finish area, not at the lodge as previously posted.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    Tim Assor & Scott Bourque

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