Estes Cycling Challenge - Colorado Masters Championships - CANCELLED

*** Update 8/11/2010 ***
New Event

*** Update 7/26/2010 ***
This event is cancelled. More information here

*** Update 7/25/2010 ***
Still no new information on this event.

*** Update 7/21/2010 ***
Still no information on this event. We have sent an email to the race promoter contact and have not heard back. Still no race flyer on the ACA website. This event is a big question mark as of today.

*** Update 7/16/2010 ***
We have sent a couple of emails to see if we can get more information on this event but have been unsuccessful so far. Currently there is no race flyer or contact information on the ACA website for this event.



Estes Cycling Challenge

Is this event happening? I can't find a race flyer or any information.
I heard it would be the Masters State Championships for Colorado? Any information
would be greatly appreciated.


I hope they pul this event off but it is really not looking good. No info on the ACA website, No flyer, No response from the promoter.

I did just look at the Larimer County special events page and that looks out dated so I am taking that with a grain of salt.