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Did you know that the oldest continously ran bike race since 1971, Denver City Park Criterium, gets underway this Sunday! Even though the race always takes place in the course seems to vary often due to construction, permits or just plan change and this year's course will take place on the "Shorter Course" (see below).

Besides this race holding the title of Colorado's longest ran race they arguably have one of the best kids events of all the races. Every year there are tons of kids who show up to take a tour around the course once or maybe twice and everyone gets a ribbon and chocolate milk! I wish I got chocolate milk after my race regardless of how I finished. If you can't bring your children down to participate then the other great kids event is usually at the North Boulder Criterium

Wed, 2010-05-26
Fellow Racers,
Due to unforeseen circumstances the City Park Criterium will only be raced on the shorter Western Triangle of the park. Registration and the Start Finish location will remain the same. The wheel pit will be moved to the start finish area.

Also, several racers in the 2009 Cat 2/3 race were subject to the officials neutralizing the finish. Nobody that was toughing it out in the hail enjoyed that outcome and RMRC will be issuing checks for $20 (last year's entry minus ACA charges) to those in the 2009 finishing pack. This will be taken care of at the registration site and will only be done for those present and participating in 2010. The Rocky Mountain Road Club is committed to providing top quality technical racing and we look forward to seeing those return that were affected.

David Fleck and the Rocky Mountain Road Club

RMRC is pleased to present the 39th annual fred prindle memiorial city park criterium! Back again is the long course around swan lake for groups starting before 1pm. It's approximately 3.1 km long and features 2 hairpin (> 90 degrees) corners. Races starting after 1pm run on the traditional, technical short-course of 1.2 km, with the 120 degree corner and two tight circles. Both courses fnish on the hardest false flat stretch in Colorado.

RMRC could use a helping hand! If YOU or your club wants to help make city park a success, please consider VOLUNTEERING! Contact dave fleck for details fleckd78 At hotmail dot com or 303-886-3508.

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People will always have

People will always have something to complain about. I for one love the corners (and this shorter course), and always take good mental notes during warm-ups/pre-rides.

I agree with Jim

I love technical courses but have looked down at the gap at races speeds and cringed. I am all for everyone being as prepared as possible before the race but there could be an incident/mishap which would causes people to dive into that gap.

Agree as well

I'm glad someone with the chops of Dan Schmatz has stepped up and agreed with this as well. I completely agree with him that this is a safety issue. All too often when something like this is pointed out, it gets shouted down by anonymous posters telling folks to "Man Up", or something like that. Well, go ahead and tell me and Dan to "Man Up"; I've been around for a while, and will continue to (hopefully) race for a while more. An easy solution like the one proposed (going around the other side of the roundabout) to a not insignificant safety issue is a good idea. Now about traffic cones in bike races... but that's another issue that I'll save for my next comment.

-Jon Baker

I love that there is such

I love that there is such interest in our race to spark discussion. However, course options are very limited at the park. The only other option around the MLK statue would be to take two quick left turns. (right turns were mentioned in the post on the ACA site which would put you in the lawn) The left turn vs. going around the right is an even more dangerous option. You couldn’t avoid hitting the expansion joint at all.

I take safety very seriously and am always exploring other options with the race layout. I welcome suggestions and recommendations however have yet to see one we haven’t considered and eliminated for one reason or another.

Good luck on Sunday.
Dave Fleck

Course Change?


Just wondering, but why the switch from the long course to the short course at the last minute for the am fields? I am sure you know this, but the long course is a better course to race on and was a great improvement when you guys added it 3 years ago.

Course Selection for 2010

All - some quick notes on course selection:

- We took a look at shortcutting the MLK statue, and we're pretty sure that at race speed after that fast (slight downhill) section would actually force more people into that joint much more often than it currently happens by going around the way we do.

- The bigger issue, why we're running the short course instead of the long? It's simply a question of manpower. It takes a minimum of 25 additional people to run the lake loop. The park is crawling with people (and geese) on summer weekends, and we need people stationed at every crosswalk, intersection, and scattered in-between within sight of each other. BRE generously helped with the race for years, but their all grown up now & put on their own excellent race. We've been looking for another team (or teams) to sign on to fulfill their ACA race obligation by working City Park, but no one stepped up. We would like to run it again in the future - who wants to volunteer?

- Most other course options (including a cool northern loop visible on the map) are impossible now b/c of the city's installation of non-removable bollards in most of the turns.

So here we are - let's make it a safe, fast race, and we hope to see everyone out there.

Update Flyer on ACA Site

The Flyer on the ACA Website still shows the long course. Need update with the short course for all. A lot won't know the course is changed until they line up on the start line. Completely different race...


Good point on the birds. I swear you need a different set of marshals for those guys. Last year there a few laps where I thought we were going to be eating Geese for dinner.

Canada geese in Denver City parks

The City of Denver is letting its parks go to the geese. It is sad, but true. If more people were bothered, and complained to them, they might consider greening the park up, and giving the space back to the residents of Denver and patrons of the city's parks. Maybe you've noticed, the number of geese is not going down and it is time the city take a look at ways to resolve this scenario. There are many humane, green solutions to this plaguing problem. The most effective, and socially responsible, solution is to use trained, professionally handled Border Collies, like many municipalities around the Country have been doing for some time.

The Border Collies, when properly trained and working in a well controlled environment, are Mother Natures answer. Please, please, please help the residents of the City, and the geese, by contacting your local representative or writing a letter to the editor. There is an answer to this growing problem.

expansion joint

I haven't seen the expansion joint being discussed with my own eyes, but race organizers in Oregon had a creative solution for some nasty railroad tracks where they filled the crack with something temporary then put a strip of el-cheapo carpet across the top of it to span the gap and make it smooth. It was smooth, grippy, and nobody went down.

That may seem like an easy

That may seem like an easy fix. The problem there is in the engineering of the road surface. Those expansion joints are there for a reason. That one is pretty good size and could be smaller but it is what it is. RMRC would be taking liability in putting that down and the city of Denver would have a stroke. They are not going to allow the integrity of the road surface to be compromised for a bike race. I know that it sucks and would be awesome if it were gone but we have to enjoy the fact that we are allowed to race there.

Thanks RMRC for putting on a great race once again.

That's great you are so

That's great you are so thorough in your preparation for the event. Now tell us exactly how you taking good mental notes during your warm-up accounts for the other 50+ racers in your category many of whom might not do the same?

Bring your kid

my kids love, LOVE this kid's race! Amazing how jazzed they get with hundreds of other kids lined up with their numbers. Looking forward to it!

I was going to correct you

I was going to correct you on saying this is the oldest race in Colorado but it is actually tied for the oldest with the Ironhorse Bicycle Classic. They were both the 39th annual this year.


thanks everyone for coming out and making the 2010 City Park Crit a success. This goes out to the Racers, spectators, officials and all the volunteers! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

2011 will be the 40th year of CPC, and we're going to pull out the stops to make it an event to remember!