2010 Colorado Cross Cup Schedule Released

The schedule has been released for the Colorado Cross Cup series. There will be 14 races in the series and 3 of them will be in January of next year. Some of the races I am not familiar with but they may be an old venue with a different name (i.e. Aspen Lodge Cyclocross, Rosalie Race to Educate). Will all these races have all the categories that the ACA normally runs (i.e. 35+/4s, SingleSpeed etc.)?

Here is the current list from the ACA calendar:

  • Oct 10th Cross the River
  • Oct 17th Aspen Lodge Cross
  • Oct 23rd Blue Sky Cup
  • Oct 24th Boulder CX Series #3
  • Oct 30th NACT - Colorado Cross
  • Oct 31st Victory Circle Graphics Boulder Cup
  • Nov 13th USGP
  • Nov 14th USGP
  • Nov 20th Rosalie Race to Educate
  • Nov 21st Cyclo X
  • Dec 4th and 5th 2010 Colorado CX Championships
  • Jan 8th 2011 Pikes Peak SuperCross
  • Jan 22nd 2011 Cyclo X
  • Jan 29th 2011 Boulder CX Series

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Initial observations

I wonder about the categories as well considering BikeReg doesn't include a few ACA categories for the New Belgium Cup in Fort Collins on 11/13-14. I assume that BCR/BCT will not be tabulated for 35+ 4 and SS for this event? If this is indeed the case, just an idea, perhaps other races could substituted in their place for these categories?

Just an observation, not a complaint, but there are a number of back-to-back days. All I am going to say is ouch.

Lastly, I noticed on ACAs Website that a few categories in the "proposed" start schedule in the policy document were highlighted in light grey. Does this mean anything?

USGP Races Removed From Cross Cup

The USGP races in Fort Collins have been removed from the Colorado Cross Cup.
After a lengthy process of working to adequately accommodated all necessary Colorado Cross Cup Categories at least once over the weekend of racing, the race organizers have elected to run their standard schedule of races used in other part of the country. Unfortunately, while this standard schedule of events maximizes participation opportunities it fails to provide a fair competitive environment for most of the development racing groups. Additionally, most Cross Cup categories are combined which makes scoring for the Cross Cup inconsistent and unfair.

The event will continue as a regular "dual-sanctioned" (ACA/USAC) USGP event.