Boulder Roubaix

We have talked about this race alot in the past and its back on for 2010.

COURSE DESCRIPTION NEW 18.7 mile (30k) loop with 43% paved roads & 57% unpaved roads in North Boulder County. Sew-up wheels highly recommended. Neutral support based on volunteer availability and unlikely. Please bring a pump and spare tube. Do a “bolt check” the day before please. Visit for course maps & additional info.

REGISTRATION Online registration closes Friday April 9, 10:00am (MST). Race day registration opens at 7:30am and closes 20 minutes before your race. Under 18 FREE. Adults $30 (prereg), $38 Race day. Field limit for all categories is 100.

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Boulder Roubaix

Hello, I was wondering if someone could please comment on the Boulder Roubaix event as to what type of cyclist this race is suited for? Thanks very much for any feedback.

Endurance rider

The Roubaix is a SUPER FUN race.. that is if you don't mind riding on gravel (some riders get freaked out by gravel). You will also need to be good at long distances, this can be a race of simple survival over raw power, but that depends on how the race plays out. Over all I'd say you need to be either good at wheel sucking or can hold your power for long distance... while this race is not that long the gravel can where you down quicker than pavement. If you've never done it I STRONGLY suggest you do it!

Boulder Roubaix

Thanks, Kris. I was actually inquiring on behalf of an out-of-state cyclist friend who is contemplating registering for this. (Sorry - he doesn't have computer access at the moment so I am playing middleman.) He's got tremendous respect for Boulder cycling, so I think he was wondering if this is an appropriate event for those who don't have a legitimate shot at crossing the line first - he'd actually like to utilize it as an early season intense training ride on his mountain bike if that's something other riders in his category (45-55) might be doing as well. Thanks again for any reply.

Does he like to ride solo?

I'd suggest against the mountain bike, unless this person is strong they'd probably be racing most of the race by their self. But I would suggest this person to come out and ride that day on their mtb bike just to watch the race and have a front row set to all the action.