2010 Boulder Roubaix Report

Photo Credit: Sportifimages

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This year's edition of the Boulder Roubaix went off without a hitch. Big fields turned out to try their luck at the new course. I saw quite a few flat tires and some wrecks on the winding dirt roads north of Nelson Road. I think the 2010 course is harder than the original Boulder Roubaix course. Definitely more technical.
Men's field update
Men's field was lead for most of the race by a break of 3 which later turned out to the the podium. It was clear while viewing the race on hills on 55th that the Flying V guy and Tom Danielson were stronger than the Porsche rider as they dropped him twice on the climbs. In the final sprint the Porsche rider went first then Tom and he thought he could hold them off but in the then the man from down under took the win.

From 2010 Boulder Roubaix

Boulder Native Mara Abbott taking the win

Women's Field update
The women's podium field was relatively new to Boulder Roubaix with both Meredith Miller and Anne Samplonius doing it for their first time and Mara only chalking up here second time. Mara's victory came at a surprise to some especially the chase group. Mara's attack came on the second lap on Nelson road because Mara had calculated the points of the race that suited her and that section on Nelson and a few miles afterwards was here strong point. After the attack Meredith says, "We weren't surprised to see Mara make the jump, it was an intense attack but with 3 others in the break chasing Mara we figured we would catch her". They chased hard even losing one of the 3, Lindsey Bishop in the break but still Mara came out with a few minutes lead on the chase. Even though Mara was the winner, she asked for a smaller stone award since she was riding home.

2010 Photos and Videos

- 303Cycling.com's photos
- Lenny Maiorani
- Craig Aiken (Early morning wave)
- Sportif Images tons of individual shots, find yourself
- Scott Van der Linden
- Eric Budd

From 2010 Boulder Roubaix

2010 Boulder Roubaix Results

Men's pro field

  • Jay Robert Thomson
  • Tom Danielson
  • Lachlan Norris

Woman's field

  • Mara Abbott
  • Meredith Miller
  • Anne Samplonius

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I raced in the 35+/4s and the field was big. There were 70+ 35+/4 finishers and we raced with the 45+/4s and there were over 30 finishers in that field. I thought the center line was pratrolled well. There were multiple times when the motorcycle ref made riders go all the way to the back of the pack. At the starting line the head referee must of said at least 5 times that the centerline would be enforced. I say job well done!


Okay Mr. Stickler. I figured there would be at least one person taking your stance. So OUR officials did not make it known that the centerline would be enforced on the DIRT roads irrespective of what the promoter stated in the race flyer. Like another mentioned in his category, as in mine throughout the race, riders used up the whole dirt road. All I would like to see is some consistency or warnings before an immediate DQ otherwise if the flyer doesn't state it how does one know if they are violating any rules?

It is pretty simple, stay to

It is pretty simple, stay to the right of the center line, and regardless of what the promoter says, the rule book says, or the official thinks you will not get DQ'ed. Just because 20 guys are over to the left, does not make it OK. We have such a herd mentality in bike racing.

Chris G and DBC Events,

Chris G and DBC Events, Great Race! Highlight of my spring. Top Photo, Lead Rider is Jesse Sargent, New Zealand, riding for Livestrong. He Finished 2nd to Taylor Phinney in Copenhagen World Champ Pursuit and 3rd in the Team Pursuit. Not too shabby, racing in Boulder is World Class!

Great race. Very tired and

Great race. Very tired and sore today. Course changes went good. Sheriffs where great stopping traffic. I actually saw less flats then Koppenburg. Hard start to the season for sure.

Interested to see final start numbers. 500+ or 600+? Looks like Road Racing is alive and well in Colorado!