2010 Boulder Roubaix Report

Photo Credit: Sportifimages

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This year's edition of the Boulder Roubaix went off without a hitch. Big fields turned out to try their luck at the new course. I saw quite a few flat tires and some wrecks on the winding dirt roads north of Nelson Road. I think the 2010 course is harder than the original Boulder Roubaix course. Definitely more technical.
Men's field update
Men's field was lead for most of the race by a break of 3 which later turned out to the the podium. It was clear while viewing the race on hills on 55th that the Flying V guy and Tom Danielson were stronger than the Porsche rider as they dropped him twice on the climbs. In the final sprint the Porsche rider went first then Tom and he thought he could hold them off but in the then the man from down under took the win.

From 2010 Boulder Roubaix

Boulder Native Mara Abbott taking the win

Women's Field update
The women's podium field was relatively new to Boulder Roubaix with both Meredith Miller and Anne Samplonius doing it for their first time and Mara only chalking up here second time. Mara's victory came at a surprise to some especially the chase group. Mara's attack came on the second lap on Nelson road because Mara had calculated the points of the race that suited her and that section on Nelson and a few miles afterwards was here strong point. After the attack Meredith says, "We weren't surprised to see Mara make the jump, it was an intense attack but with 3 others in the break chasing Mara we figured we would catch her". They chased hard even losing one of the 3, Lindsey Bishop in the break but still Mara came out with a few minutes lead on the chase. Even though Mara was the winner, she asked for a smaller stone award since she was riding home.

2010 Photos and Videos

- 303Cycling.com's photos
- Lenny Maiorani
- Craig Aiken (Early morning wave)
- Sportif Images tons of individual shots, find yourself
- Scott Van der Linden
- Eric Budd

From 2010 Boulder Roubaix

2010 Boulder Roubaix Results

Men's pro field

  • Jay Robert Thomson
  • Tom Danielson
  • Lachlan Norris

Woman's field

  • Mara Abbott
  • Meredith Miller
  • Anne Samplonius

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News Item: 


center line

The flyer stated the centerline would be enforced on the PAVED roads yet your officials DQ'ed several riders for crossing over the "imaginary" centerline on select dirt sections while ignoring the infraction on other sections of dirt. How as a racer is that fair?


I didn't even know that centerline was being enforced on the dirt. The 3 race seemed to use up about as much of the dirt road as they wanted to. the moto was strict on the tarmac though.

Killer race all around. Definitely some of the most fun I've had on a bike in a while.

All the roads were open

We saw people pulled on both dirt and pavement in the 170 plus 35/45 4 madness. Depended on the moto ref's (of which we seemed to have many!). If you advance on a the group on a straight section of road and you were obviously over the yellow or almost on the opposite side of the dirt, then you were warned or pulled. They seemed to relax enforcement on the corners.

The roads were open and more than once we had trucks comming at us from the opposite direction on the dirt. If one of us knuckleheads dents the hood of a tractor out there with our head, you know where our racing permit goes!

It sucks, it's not always clear and it damn well is frustrating, but it is part of road racing in Colorado! Plan on more in Deer Trail.

You would think that at 45 years old there would be less of this crap going on, but it seems that the opposite is true. We're maybe the worst group!

really indeed!

Overall this was a great race, but the dirt road centerline enforcement was inconsistent at best for the SM 35+/45+ 4s. The course marshall was very clear about the PAVED sections, but did not mention the dirt roads. The moto refs gave warnings which got the message out in the first lap, but the number of DQs at the end was baffling. Short of painting a line on the dirt roads or setting out cones on blind corners, I don't see how you are really going to get any semblance of consistency on the enforcement end of things. More clarity from the officials would also be helpful. I know pros are different than the rest of us, but they sure got full use of the dirt! http://picasaweb.google.com/303cycling/2010BoulderRoubaix#54589944150024... Some more even-handed application of the rules would be nice.

Good Point

Can’t argue with you about the lack of consistency across the fields. It should be! Rules are rules. I noticed plenty of photos illustrating that point.

As far as not seeing a striped line on the dirt. You are right as well, it takes some subjective BS to figure that one out. My point is that if one of us has a head on with a motorist, then race permits will be pulled. There are implications for all of us.

It’s a crappy system to have one moto ref out there trying to enforce these rules. Almost impossible with the size of the groups we were running out there.


You are getting confused with what a promoter does versus an official. The promoter may want the official to do it one way, may even put it in the flyer, but it is the official's calls. The fact you wrote "your officials" makes me laugh. Dude, those are "our" officials, as in hey are working for the racers.

Lastly you better get over the whole fair thing about center lines. There is no way to ensure that every violation is caught equally. One guy might do it and get away with it and another guy gets DQ'ed. It sucks, but it life.