Boulder Roubaix Chief Judge Communique

From the ACA

Mon, 2010-04-12
Boulder Roubaix—Chief Judge statement regarding results

Thank you in advance for your patience while results issues are sorted out. There were over 700 registered riders for this BAR/BAT event, and no camera was provided by the promoter as required by BAR/BAT policy. Two experienced judges cannot compensate for the lack of photofinish capability for sprint finishes, nor for the numerous instances of numbers that were on the wrong side, upside down, flapping, covered by hair, folded, placed on legs or on top of camelbaks, or crumpled, nor for the lack of shade on the scaffolding on a beautiful Colorado day.

Normally, the 3-part ACA NCR forms provided to the promoter for registration are used to also post results. The 3-part form allows 1 part to be posted, 1 part to be given to the promoter for their records, and 1 part to be retained by the Chief Judge to fax to the ACA for efficient entry into the results program.

While race-day registrations were recorded on NCR forms, the nearly 450 pre-registered riders were not. Thus, results were posted on my personal NCR forms that simply listed place and rider number, such that unified results could be posted in a timely manner and so that I could retain a copy of what was posted on-site. An additional 5.5 hours post-race were devoted to compiling results into a format that would facilitate data entry, producing 55 pages of results information faxed in 5 separate transmissions, the last at approximately 10:15 PM Sunday.

Places that received prizes were posted as soon as a runner could be found to do so, for all categories. Remaining places to cover the top 20 BAT/BAR places were posted simultaneously in many cases, or ASAP after the prize places, except for the SM 35+/4 and SM 45+/4. A note was posted to allow Web protests for the SM 35+/4. I may have confused some of the SM 45+/4 by saying I “might” have to defer their results also, thus Web protests will be accepted for the SM 45+/4 also, in accordance with ACA policy.

Riders in all other categories had ample opportunity and obligation to protest on-site, regardless of the lack of photo-finish availability. If you did not check results on-site and did not protest on-site, and you were left off of results, it may be possible to provide you an estimate of your placing as a courtesy, however, ACA results would not be changed.

Please remember that accurate, timely results are critically dependent upon cooperation between riders, officials, and promoters (and the results/timing company if present). Riders need to eliminate number placements issues, officials need to insure they have done their best to correctly reflect the outcome of a race, riders and officials both need to adhere to the ACA protest policy regarding results discrepancies (if we don’t know there’s a problem on-site, we can’t fix it off-site!), and promoters need to provide the tools and environment conducive to generating results efficiently.

Lynn Taylor
Chief Judge
2010 Boulder Roubaix

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I was by myself, out of it,

I was by myself, out of it, and a corner worker + cop gave me an ambiguous answer as to which direction to go on my final lap. All he had to do was wave a flag, which is the extent of my language comprehension after 35 miles of turning myself inside out in April, but he ignored me until I rode right up to him and asked him how his day was going. As such I didn't cross the finish line going the proper direction. Other than winning, crossing the finish line is the next best thing about racing. I was more than a little disappointed in myself for thinking I could rely on proper support from volunteers after forking over $40 to race.

Teach it to me enlightened

Teach it to me enlightened one. I've never heard those words before. I want to learn all about them. Maybe you could read me something out of Atlas Shrugged while you self-flagellate to the sound of your children grinding their teeth while they don't sleep. You could build a multi-level-marketing company around teaching "personal responsibility" classes to schmucks like myself.

way to go

nice work, you've turned the tables and now it's you who looks like a smart ass. Simmer down and read the rules, it's you responsiblity to know the course. 700 other people made that same turn several times without asking for directions.

So this is how BAR BAT works?

So we wait for this first BAR BAT race and what happens. They combine the two biggest groups the 35 and 45 4's and forget to bring the camera? They have the wrong forms? They forget to "provide shade" for the officials? In the master 4 race they couldn't say for certain what happened beyond the top 3? Forget BAR BAT for this race or at least for that category.

I say this with all due respect to Chris and all of the officials who did the best with what they had or brought or whatever. Were fighting over tenth and 15th place over BAR BAT!

Head Start

I wounder how many people started in the wrong group? I think I saw a few 3s in the 35+/35+ 3 group at the start. Nothing like a 4 minute head start...

Great job by officials to score all the riders they did! I hope they got double pay for having to work a race with out a camera or shade...

35+ 4s and 45+ 4s starting together? WTF? 150+ beginners...

Thanks for your dedication Lynn

Lynn is a great official and a really great person. Thanks Lynn for doing your best, and then some, to score a 700 person race by hand. Unfortunately the ACA is so into sucking up to its athletes and never holding riders accountable for their incorrect registrations, allowing riders to change class after the first event in an omnium and never doing anything about folded, mutilated or wearing the number in a way that makes it totally unreadable by judge or camera. Also allowing event promoters to do large events without a timing service provider and allowing endless protesting of results. Do some riders really think that this is good? Fact is when you make it good for someone who protests a result weeks later, you punish all of us who did it right and as it was really stupid to do the right thing and hang around to see the results at the venue. Anyway Thanks Lynn for all you do, and riders, the least we can do is wear our numbers correctly.