Confessions of a Former Runner - 2010 Boulder Marathon

Before 303Cycling, even before I got my first road bike, I was a runner. I think "avid" is a polite word for my relationship to the sport. I started out with marathons and within in a few seasons those 26.2 miles became my training runs for ultras (50 Ks, 50 Miles, 24 hrs, 100 miles etc.).

So when this cold I'm nursing prevented me from racing up in Frisco this weekend, I decided to return to the scene of the crime and shoot the Boulder Marathon and Half Marathon. As many of you may know, the race was postponed from it's scheduled date of Sept 19th because of the Four Mile Canyon Fire.

I talked with one of the volunteers between mile 5 and 6 about how the change in date affected the race. He said overall the numbers were about the same spread over the 10k, half and full marathon. It did effect many athlete's training however and some who planned to do the full, dropped to the half, half the 10k.

Speaking of training, there are three race weekends left before the Colorado Cross Classic and The Boulder Cup. This year there is a 5K running race scheduled for Saturday Oct 30th. I should be racing cross but enjoy the photos and remember runners can be cyclists too!

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