2010 Boulder Cup Cyclocross Race

Photo Credit: Jendz

The Victory Circle Graphix Boulder Cup is arguably the BIGGEST bike race in Colorado every year! 2009 Boulder Cup was awesome with some big names showing up. 2010 Boulder Cup has a new location and virgin race venue with plenty of parking and spectating so be sure to show up and pick up a 303cycling sticker and maybe even a 303cycling T-shirt!

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2010 Boulder Cup Halloween CX 35+ part 1 from Rod Yoder on Vimeo.

2010 Boulder Cup CX SM 45+ Start to lap 2.5 Oct 31 from Steady Pimpin on Vimeo.

Victory Circle Graphix Boulder Cup
Date: October 31, 2010 — Halloween Day!! Costumes for racers and fans encouraged
Site: Frank Varra Park at the Flatirons Crossing Mall, Broomfield CO

Online Registration: There is no on-line registration service fee. Cost: UCI men $45. All other adult categories $40. All juniors race for free. Please register early. Many categories will fill up. On-line registration closes at 12 p.m. (noon) EST, on Friday, October 29. Late registration fee of $10 will apply afterwards.

Other attractions: Full amateur racing slate, giant beer garden, expansive vendor expo, large kids zone, costume contests and trick-or-treating for kids, cruiser race and much more

Course description: Huge variety that includes lush grass, very steep run-ups, an ideal paved start/finish run-in, and amazing views of Boulder’s iconic Flatiron Mountains.



No Boulder

I wonder if the City of Boulder Parks and Rec is a big part of the move. ahhh the hypocrisy of the boulder bubble


Broomfield is Boulder county and if you ventured out of your bubble and educated yourself besides smoking and drinking in the bubble you would know this and enjoy something new...wait. Stay in Boulder and don't wreck what we have in Broomfield! Thanks

close enough

If driving an extra 10-15 minutes is so bad for you that it makes you "sad", I want your life. Quit living the Truman Show and explore a bit.

Boulder Cup CX 2010

I've heard on pretty good authority that the City of Boulder wouldn't let the event happen at Harlow Platts park, and we all know Valmont isn't ready yet. Seems like the organizers are doing their best to put cyclocross in front of a wider audience. Hard to call that a bad thing...

Impressive use of the park!

Given what the designer(s) had to work with this course is pretty nice and huge, cat 4 35+ men will have a hard time lapping themselves. Was surprised to see no tight twisting turning sections but not really complaining.

pavement and few turn

looks like they will make good uses of the long straight-aways and tons of pavement. It would be nice if they tighten up the course and take advantage of the hills and change in elevation.


Yeah, I wish there weren't so many long straightaways, but that's just personal preference. Need turns to distract from the pain! Seems like the res course will be pretty twisty-turny, so maybe one turny course on Sat, and one more straight course on Sun.

I take back what I wrote.

I take back what I wrote. Lots of turns and just the right amount of pavement. It was a course that the people with stellar skills dominated. Plus you needed lots of power....

course is fun

rode this course tonight and it was good fun, nice mix of pavement, grass and twisty, tight turns on off camber grass. Can't wait to ride it in daylight! Nice work!

Boulder Cup Course Easy? Ask Katie Compton

Katie Compton should be eating her words. Last week on twitter she said this: “Wow, just checked out the Boulder courses for this weekend, can we say boring road racer courses? Hopefully they are better in real life.” There was also an article on CXMagazine with her and her husband saying that US riders dont have the skills to ride European courses. Here is a quote from her husband, Mark-Legg, “This is why US riders don’t have the skills to compete in Europe. Boulder Cup."

Yeah she did win on Saturday but crashed on the boring easy course. Sunday she crashed again on that non-technical course and couldnt find it in herself to finish. Sorry the course were too easy for you.

Katie should head back to Europe where the courses are easier.

Mark Compton Legg can kiss my ass

I may be at times a dick to people but Mark Legg makes me look like a saint.
Mark, we don't need your validation or approval. The least you could have done was to contact me directly prior to sticking your foot in your mouth. If you don't something good to say, then piss off.

Chris Grealish

Race Course

Chris, Dan, Joe et al,
Sunday's course was phenomenal, loved it all! I was a bit of a skeptic after viewing the video the week before, however, I was psyched when I arrived and fully challenged in a good way. We rarely get to ride grass courses in CO, let alone with so many terrain challenges. This aint Europe, never will be, and dont think people really need to try and compare the two. I didnt see them but about the only negative to correct is to mMaybe spray paint around the sprinkler heads next year.

Next to Harlow Platts, this is my most favorite CO CX course to date (10yrs). I sincerely hope the Mall will allow it again next year and we'll redefine "Mall Crawl" in Boulder!

Thanks for a Great time!

Good course, perhaps a different starting lap though?

Were there any races except the elite men that did NOT have a first lap pile up going into the first 180 on the grass? Lots of busted bikes and races that were over 1/2 lap into the race. Reminded me of the oil-slicked stages of the Giro where the riders see it coming and just relax to minimize the damage. FWIW, the races I know had first lap pile ups:

35+ Open
Elite Women


From the videos on the site I think there was a pile up in the 45+ Mens field and also in the Mens Open. Some of those corners were like ice with the freshly cut grass.

It was a great course that definitely challenged you technical skills.

Feel free to correct me but

Feel free to correct me but I don't think the 35+ 4s had an actual "pile up" on that corner, just a bit of a bottle neck as one would expect. I thought the course in general and that first turn in particular were challenging but fair. Hopefully race organizers can use that venue again in the future.

In all fairness, there is some truth to what M Legg said...

If you watched the video/recon of the Flatiron Mall course, you'd be lying if you thought it would turn out as awesome as it did. I was expecting much worse and the Rez is the Rez but it is far from technical.

Most of our coursed are pretty fast and honestly pretty dull even if these courses do play to my one strength. Tough courses like Aspen Lodge, the Mall and to a certain degree Louisville will make us all better in the long run.

Here's to having fun while getting your a$$ kicked!


See before you Speak

But that's the problem. Casting judgement on a course based on a grainy Go-Pro video is like buying a Russian bride on the internet. You may you think you know what you're gonna get, but reality is you gotta try before you buy. Everyone gets that -- or at least they should.

Add in the public forum Legg choose to cast his opinion, and it's no wonder he pissed off a lot of people. Part of what makes big cross events successful is big crowds. But if blowhards like Legg are prematurely running their mouths, they're inadvertently chasing away amateur racers and fans in the process. Like I wrote before, dont spit in the soup until you taste it.


Karma's a bitch... or in this case a scraped up knee. Next time taste the soup before you spit in it, huh?

Venomous tongue

I don't think Mark has connected his venomous tongue with their challenges landing sponsorships. You can only publicly bash equipment, components, clothing, and courses for so long before no one wants to risk being on the recieving end of it. Humility goes a long way these days, as there's not enough of it around. Maybe this can be a learning experience.

We can do better

As a participant in Single Speed field which includes the Men's Cat 3 and JM-17-18 I heard the ACA referee sternly mentioned something at the start of Sunday's race about showing more courtesy to the junior riders because our field(SS or cat 3) did not do so on Saturday.... We can do better. Hat's off to Yannick Eckmann for kicking so much ass!

Keep a Positive Vibe

I agree with Chris. If you don't have anything good to say, keep your mouth shut.

No course is going to suit all types of riders, nor should it. We are lucky to have as many different types of terrain and venues that we can use. Most promoters try hard to put on good quality events and shouldn't have to hear the crying and whining from a racer either at the race venue or in public. Take the time to fill out the ACA race surveys or send the promoter an email or give him/her a call. Your complaints and praise are welcome, appreciated and will be addressed. We all want to make the sport better and stronger locally.

Keep racing...

Very Typical KFC

Just like at the mtb races Mark F-in Compton Legg is whining. I'm so sick of that guy in the feed zone blabbing his big mouth with his arrogant attitude. Yeah Katie is fast but its just bike racing. No changing the world here. Bike racing that we do for fun and some of us make some decent money but thats about it. And what's with the whole KFC thing? Real classy.

Katie Compton is a lucky woman.

An exact quote from Mr.Legg referring to the women who get pulled at national mtb races.

"What are these girls thinking racing pro. This isn't the Special F-ing Olympics"
I heard this, as did a hand full of people at the Colorado Springs National. What a shame.