24 Hours of Colorado Springs

Event Dates: September 18 - 19, 2010
Registration: Open

The Falcon Trail is on USAFA property and therefore open to the public. There are no event sanctioned pre-rides. We strongly encourage participants to resist the temptation to pre-ride the Falcon Trail during the week of 9-12 to 9-17-2010 to give it a break and us a chance to set up.

Packet Pick-up
All participants and volunteers must have their race packets and complete the registration process in order to be allowed onto the Air Force Academy. Packet Pick-up will be at Ascent Cycling on September 15th with the following schedule:

4pm-8pm, September 15th
12noon-8pm, September 16th
12noon-10pm, September 17th

Pre-Race Meeting: TBD

Academy Access
All participants, volunteers, and staff will receive appropriate levels of access in their Race Packets. USAFA Security will issue an Event Pass to each person who is of?cially signed up for the event through registration. Without the Event Pass individuals will have limited or completely restricted access to the Academy. This is especially critical is re-entry to the Academy is needed after 6pm on Sept. 18th.

One of the best parts about a 24 Hour event is the camping. Please be sure to follow these rules:

• All state and federal laws must be closely followed. Alternative choices will ensue spending time with Military Police, which is not pleasant and does not produce good race results.
• While camping, if a grill is used it must be closely supervised. “Leave no trace” ?re-pans are the only option to a grill and must be kept incredibly clean.
• Low impact camping and participation in the event is absolutely critical. While on course, the Race Village, or in the camping areas; please keep our federal lands clean!

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Registration for 24 of COS

14+miles, mostly single-track, twisty, tough, fun. Do it for the cause, do it for yourself, but do it for sure!!

Just to be clear, registration for this one closes at midnight on Sept.11th, 2010, due to Air Force Academy security. So if you wanna and you're gonna, then don't wait too long to get registered. Also, a kids event will be held on Sat., "24 Minutes of COS" presented by Kids on Bikes.

See you in just over 3 weeks at the Academy's Falcon Trail!!

Packet pick up??

Any options for race day packet pick up? No real reason to drive down from Denver a day early, otherwise. There's plenty of time to get down there and set up for a noon start without spending the night in C Springs before hand.

Last Days before COS 24

Quick invitation to all you wild and crazy northern Front Range mountain bike types. Hope to see many of you sign up and come shred the dark at this race. www.24hoursofcos.com --get registered by 11:59, 9.11.2010!!

Great training for Moab, super cool race for anyone...actually on single track for most of the course instead of sandy fire-road...city lights in view...great cause!!

Also--to everyone who has been impacted directly or just with tons of bad air from the fires---our hearts are with you and I know there have been a lot of SoCo folks who've come up to battle the blazes and help out! Peace to you all soon, regardless of any bike racing!!!