Venus de Miles -- Completed!

No, today's top story is not Sunday's Koppenberg race, it's Venus de Miles all woman's bike tour. Venus de Miles tour has inspired more riders to get on their bikes like no other event I have ever known. One women in my neighborhood told me that this ride had inspired her to get out and train for it which is impressive because its been 12 years since she was last on a bike! Venus de Miles for various reason has inspired so many women to learn (or relearn) the joy of riding and with so many other women doing the event it has helped increase the motivation. A group of Boulder moms have been doing weekly rides in preperation for the event and these group rides never would have happened if it wasn't for Venus de Miles.

Did anyone spot any of the Dream Team riders? Last year's ride had about 650 riders with hopes of doubling that number in 09, not sure how close they came to reaching that goal. What's even more interesting is how Venus de Miles is not just a tour, it's a summer long experience, with training rides and clinics that cover the basics of road side repair. It's been fun keeping up with the activities throughout the summer on their Blog. They even have a Venus de Miles Bike Club. Amazing! Hope to see you all out next year and maybe even next week. Just imagine, if you can ride 65 miles on a bike how hard is it to ride to the grocery store and back now?

Boulder Mom's train together and did the ride together

More ladies doing the ride

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