Steamboat Springs Stage Race

BREAKING NEWS! Looks like the stage race is on.

Thank you for your interest in the 2009 Steamboat Springs Stage Race, Stage racing returns to Colorado for 2009! We have four days of racing planned over September 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th including an individual TT, Circuit Race, Road Race, and Criterium. All stages are located a short distance from downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Please check back often as we continue to develop this exciting weekend of racing!

6.5.09: Registration will open Monday, June 8th. Online registration will be done through

6.4.09: Lodging. We are currently securing special lodging rates with hotels and condo groups, so give us a few weeks before you make your reservations

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Some people are unreal. Complaining about the stage race expereince? That one just blows me away. People told the promoter off becuase there was not a TT? Now other people are complaining there is a TT? People complain we do not have stage races? Now they complain it is 4 days? Some guy complains it is not an omnium?

I give the promoter credit for putting on a new event, in a new location and running it as a stage race. The promoter listened to the feedback on the TT and added it. The guy is doing a great job. Will I do the race? I do not know, but I certaintly appreciate what they are doing.

When we did become such a bunch of cry babies in Colorado bike racing? And people wonder why we have so many crits. "I have seen the enemy and it is us".

It is sad that we are at a point in cycling where every group wants a special catagory, with just 15 to 20 guys, they can "beat". We need to get rid of the better riders, the ones who train harder, or who are just better. We need races that are not too hard, but not too easy. They cannot be too far away, but not an office park crit.


Far from crying...
Just trying to see the race make it past one year.
I would rather have people comment on it now. Other choice is that they just don't race.
Bike race promoting is like any business. Either break even or make a profit, or go out of business. Must listen to and adjust to your customers (bike racers).
I have been out to Grand Junction and Casper, WY on Labor Weekend races. Numbers are always a bit low but racing was good. Always leave after work, get in late and then race on Saturday.
I have never gotten out to the Friday TTs at the Omniums. If they were SRs, then I wouldn't do them at all.

Done plenty in the past.

Done plenty in the past. Favorite was Platte Bridge or Pagaso Springs or maybe Telluride.
Have Job and Family obligations now, like most people I ride with. Race a lot less days now but enjoy life a lot more.

Yep, wouldn't be heading out to Rock the River RR next weekend if I had to take a day off work and do the TT just to do the RR.

I agree with Billy Bob

I agree with BillyBob. This race is not established and therefore feel no desire to take a full day off of work to compete in the TT. I am doing the Glenwood RR and Crit next weekend, but won't be doing Friday's TT. I don't mind TTs in stage races, but I just can't take off work. If the Glenwood races became a stage race this year, they'd lose a lot of racers in my opinion.

If you're a promoter making a stage race. Start small like the Dead Dog. RR/TT/Crit in one weekend. Then next year, add another road race stage. Then another. There are three days to use for the Steamboat Springs race. No need to force riders to take a day off of work when we haven't seen a stage race stick around here in Colorado in a while. This isn't Lamar. The terrain will be fantastic and beautiful and has tons of potential. I'd hate to see this race shoot itself in the foot.

..if you don't have a job and can race Friday no prob, then feel to complain all you want about us working guys making races shorter for you.

"stage race experience" -

"stage race experience" - DNS or DNF one stage and you don't get to race the next races. I'll pass on that experience. One mechanical and you're done for the entire weekend even though you paid for the entire weekend.
Also, some can't do the entire weekend so will skip it all. A lot have family needs and can't spend 4 days racing. Maybe they would have 15 years ago, but not now.

Look at Salida Omnium numbers vs Dead Dog SR numbers. Salida TT numbers are low but RR and Crit have good numbers. Some people only go up for one race in the weekend. See what numbers look like at Glenwood TT vs RR vs Crit.
Dead Dog numbers went down last year. Peaked 2 years ago. I would love to just do the RR and skip the crit and tt.

Remember Lamar SR? - Less then 100 racers on Labor Day Weekend 2 years ago.