Leaving 99 Criterium Cursade Series starts March 14th

Some have coined this the "Stazio replacement". Located in way south Denver, this parking lot crit could be the next spring classic

Race 1

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Bring Back Stazio

How about a Boulder club picking up Stazio Crit? It's open for anybody to run it...
A lot would pay $25-$30 not to have to drive 1 hour to race. Boulder County has the most racers per capita in the US of A!

What's the deal with boulder

What's the deal with boulder racing any way?? TONS of racers but not so many races...i know rd closures are hard etc..but coming from the midwest where there are far fewer racers per area but TONS more races this just doesnt make any sense to me.


I totally agree. I would definitely pay $25 - $30 to race near Boulder in the early season. I thought the City of Boulder was going to pick up these races. Am I wrong about this?

I did the race on Saturday -

I did the race on Saturday - fun course with a brutal hill guaranteed to shake things up. the promoters did a great job cleaning the sand off the bottom corner and making the course safe. They are apparently going to continue to run the course counter clockwise which is the safest option by far. definitely worth doing if you want to test the legs on a power hill.

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