Old days of cycling (not that old though)

A reader sent this story in to us today, which is about bikes and their cost years ago along with the feel of the older vs. the newer frames. Interesting about the timing of this article was yesterday's Lookout Mountain Hill Climb Results, interesting because as far as I could see in the ACA database, 2002 was the earliest recording of time and there the 2002 times were for both men and women way faster yesterday's times. Maybe the weather held folks back, maybe the timing with other big races like Gila keep big players away, either way interesting data.

I found this add for race frames in an old 1984 "The Colorado Bicyclist"
news letter:
Colnago $370, Olmo $275, Rossin $ 410, Gios $ 450, Merckx $450.

I recall buying a silver Merckx (I think the frame was called "corsa")
fully equipped with Campy Supper Record for about $1200.00. I think the cog
set was a seven. We would typically own a bunch of different size cogs and
match a gear set to the race. For a mountain race, where we needed a 12 and
a 23, we of course had some real undesirable gaps. However, we felt really
advanced compared to those “olden day’s” five cog sets.

So that was then the cost of a top of the line race bike. Compare that to
the cost of the current breed of bikes. The interesting part is that any of
the current frames, that I have test ridden, do not handle any better then
those old steel frames. I recall that on the down hills the Merckx seem to
become more stable as the speed increased.
That was 25 years ago today. Tell us what you remember of those

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