Koppenberg Recon

The Koppenberg will be taking place this weekend (3/29/2009). This is a great Colorado spring classic. It is also part of the Tour of Colorado.

I rode the course yesterday and one word describes the condition of the course and that is LOOSE. I think there are two factors for the condition of the course. One it has been super dry and two it looks like the road has recently been grated. The "hill" is in good shape but again about half way up it is very loose and is difficult to ride out of the saddle without spinning out. The flat dirt section that heads north toward Marshal rode is also loose. Hopefully the wet weather that is forecasted for the next few days settles all the dirt.

I ended up doing four laps of the course and during those four laps I saw the remnence of a bad accident and at least 4 flat tires. The race is gonna be epic.

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More importantly it BAR/BAT!

More importantly it BAR/BAT! Much better system for the non-elite/non-traveling racers. Plus don't have to buy a second license.

It is suppose to snow a little Thursday/Friday. Might help / Might hurt?

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I rode several laps on the course this weekend and I definitely agree. Some sections are really loose that were not loose in the past. the top of the hill is loose. Definitely helps to preride the course before race day.

Tires and Gearing

I was riding 23s but I am thinking about 25s. I was also using a 39x27 and could probably ride the whole climb seated. You can NOT ride the climb out of the saddle. There were a couple guys on our team who were have a tough time with a 39x23 and trying to power up the climb out of the saddle.