Weekly crits, single speed racing, and pseudo track racing Happening in the 970 area

The 303 area isn't the only area that has a lot going on this summer, the recently very active community to the north of us, mainly Fort Collins, is alive with cycling action over the next month. Here is what they have happening.

- The Velodrome Association of Fort Collins is back this summer to putting on the Oval racing. Check out their race schedule and their soon to come Race Flier Here is last year's flier on the event

- Single Speed Road Racing! This is the event's 5th year. Little is known and maybe that is on purpose since it doesn't appear to be supported by any cycling bodies or the county officials. What is know is your race for approx 30 miles and there are coasting and non-coasting categories. Registration opens at 8:30 and riding gets underway at 9:30. Cost if $15 and all this happens July 12th at a point yet to be choosen. Follow website for more information

- Last weekly Tuesday crit July 7th. The end is coming to a 4 race series of a Tuesday crit series happening in the back streets of FTC. Check out some video and photos from the past events.
- June 23rd
- June 16th

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