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Pardon the once again racing related story, the season's nearly over and for those still hanging on to every last minute then be sure and check out CX Magazine's USAC CX Race Resource Page. From there you can find videos, results, interviews, etc. As results from Colorado riders come in we will be sure to update this page... and feel free to add comments if we are late or don't post.

Colorado Results

Colorado Riders

  • Teal Stetson-Lee 1st Womens Collegiate
  • Fort Lewis grabs team omnium
  • Brady Kappius 3rd Collegiate
  • Katie Compton 1st Elite Women
  • Meredith Miller 2nd Elite Women
  • Amy Dombroski 3rd Elite Women
  • Alison Dunlap 4th Elite Women
  • Grant Berry (Durango) 1st 30-34
  • Matthew Pacocha 2nd 30-34
  • Jonathan Baker 1st, 35-39
  • Danny Summerhill 1st Under 23
  • Peter Weber!!! 1st men 40-44
  • Ward Baker 4th men 40-44
  • Darron Cheek 4th 40+ men's B
  • Karen Hogan women 45-49
  • Gary Thacker 55-59 1st
  • Michael Robson 2nd Men's B 40+
  • Walt Axthelm 75-79 1st
  • Jane Finsterwald 2nd 50-54
  • Zane Godby 2nd 15-16 men
  • Mina Anderburg 1st 10-12 girls
  • Gage Hecht 10-12 men
  • Martha Iverson 60-64 women
    Skyler Trujillo 17-18 men's 3rd

Photos & Press

Day 1: Masters Men 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+

Day 1: B’s, Men and Women

Day 2, jr.s and top end Masters

Photo Credit USA Cycling (I think)

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Just reading the web it

Just reading the web it appears Gary Thacker took 2nd today to Paul Curley in the 55 Plus group. Too bad for Gary as he has been so close to a win and I think he has atleast 1 other 2nd at nationals. Paul Curley is an old school New England guy who has probably been racing cross for 30 years.

I see J. Baker is registered for the masters race. Guy was top 10 at Neveda City with Lance & Levi this sumer, pro level cross guy, and is now racing masters? Ouch!

sandbaggers delight

IMO, any category other than Open at nationals is stupid. All the other "national champ" categories are just full of P12 riders sandbagging. Case in point is Scott Mclaughlin. This guy races and wins 14 cross races in the pro category this year, then goes to nationals and races men's B 40+. lame.

Unforunately CO looks like

Unforunately CO looks like the leader in this catagory with Wells, Baker, Pachoca, Dwight all being guys that do not do a single masters race the entire season, but then "pouch" nationals. The 30-34 and 35-39 catagories are just the pro/1/2 Light races.

Clearly it is within the rules, so I do not blame them. But it is reallly too bad for the guys who make masters great, like the Moots guys (Jon C. and others), Greg keller, Brian H., Mike Hogan and the like. These guys are the weekend warriors and are not going to beat guys like Baker, who was doing pro races in europe in early 2009.

Maybe a new rule that to race masters nationals you have to race masters all year? Probably a stupid idea, but it still bums me out. I remember 1 year in KC when one of the Cal Giant Strawberries guys won 30-34 Masters race, then got top 10 in the pro race the next day. Good thing you did the masters race buddy!

damn'd if you do, damn'd if you don't

I see it differently, let's say Brandon, Baker raced Masters all year, it is possible that with his skill and ability he might win just about every race they would be in the top place.... that is almost how it is for them in the 1-2 field so by them choosing to race masters instead of 1-2 you would make the masters field THE fastest field of the day...doesn't that kind of make them sandbaggers in the Masters field? Some might say that there are already a few Master riders who are cherry picking that field and while that are entitled to race Masters their skill and ability clearly ranks that of a 1-2 field.

So if the strong folks race in Masters some will call them Sandbaggers and if they don't and then choose to do so at nationals then as you say, that isn't right.... what does a strong masters rider do?


I share your concerns, but the flip side of that is that the nationals are meant to crown the fastest riders in the nation, including the age bracketed categories. I can't think of fair way to classify the races other than just age. If it were done 1/2/3/4 it would be sandbaggers delight, and whoever won each year would win glory and shame at the same time.

99% of people who go to nats know they aren't going to win, or even do that well. To me its more about the privilege of lining up with the fastest in the country, knocking heads for a few laps, and seeing how I stack up.

It may be a bummer for the Moots guys to be outgunned at nats, but it would also be a bummer to effectively penalize a truly faster rider for racing in Europe a few times a year by barring him from his championship category.

Moot's guy story is different...

That is the case of a 1-2 guy who raced in the B field... What is the B field? I don't know the officially what it is but I see it as being a field for folks who do not hold a cat 2 or higher... even 3 is grey... but I raced it as a 3 and cleaned up pretty well... not sure if that was right... was amazed at how slow the field was... Now saying Webber or Dwight or Baker are sandbaggers because they raced the Masters field for the jersey isn't fair because that race is not a B race... it's A, B, C, D....Z... anyone in that age field.... even Lance Armstrong can race masters if he wants to (not sure if other UCI rules/pro team rules prevent it though)

Need to restructure all race categories in Cx

I'm fairly new to the great world of cyclocross racing and one of the most challenging aspects for me to start racing was trying to figure out the categories...there are too many overlapping options and they do not make any sense. The only fair way to feel competetive is to be racing against those of similar ABILITY AND AGE. Other than the pro field, which should be better defined by USAC, the rest of us amateurs need both Catagory (1/2/3/4) and Age designations for each of the categories. Although many of these categories/ages will end up racing at the same time, their individual results will be tabulated and compared to riders of similar ability/age. The designations, including "Masters", are ambiguous and USAC needs to embrace the rising popularity of cyclocross and change the current designation system.


For sure it's tough when you start racing to figure out where to begin, but aside from that I think we've already got it categorized very well. We've got categories for each level (1-2,3,4) and age groups as well (35+, 45+, 55+). We even have 35+ Cat 4. I don't think adding a bunch of categories for every age group will do anything except make scoring a huge problem for promoters. How many categories do we need? Plenty of options as it is.

I do think a beginner or "newbie" category would help grow the sport even more. But aside from that, there's plenty of ways to measure yourself against other racers, and you can't make so many categories that everyone wins.

Nationals is fine as is - age groups (all open) and some B races which will always have sandbaggers. Any race that's not "open" will have sandbaggers - just the way it is.